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Life's Tool Box with Kenny Brixey

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Life’s Tool Box with Kenny Brixey teaches tools that can be used in everyday life enabling you to live a more conscious, empowered and authentic life. Each week Kenny and his guests will chat about a new tool, how it can positively impact your life and how you can use it right now to assist you as you move towards your dreams. Life does not have to be so hard. It can be easier and more effortless when you have a toolbox full of tools that work for you. Join us on Mondays at 1:30 eastern and pick up a tool or two that will help you manifest your dreams, and more.

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Defining Essence
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on February 11, 2019

We are taking the first steps on a beautiful journey to defining essence. We are opening awareness and understanding to what essence is and what it is not.  

We all have an eternal, ever expanding essence within that can be tapped into to guide our…

Let Your Unique Shine
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on February 4, 2019

It takes more energy to conform to what we believe others want us to be than it does to stand true in our own Uniqueness.

What prevents you from expressing the beauty of your uniqueness? What do you have to offer yourself and the world that no one…

Embrace Kindness with Jan Lundy
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on January 28, 2019

Embracing the flow of kindness to and from ourselves allows us to create a kinder and gentler experience of life. Knowing kindness within opens us further to express kindness to others, and, also to more fully receive kindness from others. When we…

Move Forward with Positivity
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on January 21, 2019

On this show, we talk about the power of “Moving Forward with Positivity.” We all move forward in life, it is the only way to go. The energy we express is what determines whether we move into a life of possibility or struggle. 

The wonderful news…

Reflect, Release, Renew
Posted in: Life's Tool Box on January 7, 2019

The New Year invites us to look forward with hope for a better life. We look at improving things in some areas and expanding things in others. Some of us want to be rid of some things and leave behind others. Before we can move forward, though, we…

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