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Terry Jaymes Alive provides honest, edgy, and inspirational insight as Terry shares personal stories of success and failure with his ever growing list of amazing guests.  It's one man's mission to find himself. To accept, admit, and grow bigger than ever. The show has him being called "The Anthony Bourdain of the motivational world."  

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TerryJaymes_HostPic_583938250.jpgWHO IS TERRY JAYMES

Terry was born and raised in Southern California where everything is an illusion. A dreamer who has always had the ability to manifest his visions into reality.

While all the other kids his age were exploring life and "going crazy," Terry was on his own path. He found comfort and inspiration reading books from Dr. Wayne Dyer and Richard Bach, who years later would appear as guests on Terry Jaymes Alive.

Terry learned that working hard at something you love is the key to happiness. With a love for sports and show business, Terry has had a pretty incredible life so far. As a young kid his first love was basketball where he learned some of his biggest life lessons. With minimal talent, and knowing that the universe would take care of him, he won a college basketball scholarship.

In college, Terry found a new passion. Radio and Television. A path that he continues on to this day. He has appeared on the soap opera Santa Barbara, The FOX Networks Sunday Comics and Comic Strip Live. He has performed stand-up comedy all over the country with a regular spot in Las Vegas.


Terry has been the co-host and founder of the nationally syndicated morning radio talk show Lex and Terry for over 20 years. During that time, Terry felt the need to finally open up about his strong beliefs in the universe and created Terry Jaymes Alive. A show where he speaks to people who have inspired him over the years. It's also a show where Terry is currently reinventing himself in a "very scary and revealing way."

Terry Jaymes Alive has found quite a following across the globe. With speaking engagements and a book in the very near future, we are just now beginning to see his vision for the next ten years. It's going to be quite a ride.


Who knows. Terry has learned to focus on his passions without being tied down to any specific outcome. One thing IS for sure though, his mission is to inspire other to live their dreams while doing so in his no BS style.

Terry often says, "People think that actually living their dream is difficult. It's not. I blame the self-help industry for painting a serious picture of a process that should be filled with joy and a lot of laughter and love."

Terry has set out to disrupt the entire self-help industry with laughter, maybe a few colorful words and a "we got this" attitude.

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