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The Butterfly Moment with John Schalter


The Butterfly Moment with John Schalter

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WHAT IS THE BUTTERFLY MOMENT? It is the classic QUANTUM LEAP in personal growth! As life energies slowly break loose the caterpillar from the cocoon, something truly incredible occurs. The caterpillar suddenly realizes that the darkness and despair it has experienced in the cocoon was no longer its reality. The caterpillar is... a Butterfly! It is one of the most beautiful insects in the world... Best of all it can fly. John Schalter brings you guests who will inspire you to break through any obstacles in you life so that you too can live the life of your dreams! Go to:


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God is a Pink Cloud with Martha G. Blessing
Posted in: The Butterfly Moment on June 12, 2018

Listen in as Martha explains her own devastating health challenges that she was not only able to overcome, it became a new career, passion, and ministry in her life. She was able to expand from traditional medical practices as a nurse into a new…

Unbreakable with Ali McManus
Posted in: The Butterfly Moment on May 8, 2018

Hear Ali Mcmanus Singer/Songwriter as she talks about her life and her incredible physical challenges that left her with a lung capacity of only 30% and a rare bone disorder that has left her in a wheelchair since the age of seven. Listen to her…

The Future of the Butterfly Foundation with Chip St. Clair
Posted in: The Butterfly Moment on March 13, 2018

Empower Radio favorite Guest, Chip St. Clair, gives our loyal listeners an update concerning the most recent projects, especially the "white paper" (a funding document) he most recently completed for the foundation, and also the plans for a feature…

St. Clair Butterfly Foundation
Posted in: The Butterfly Moment on March 6, 2018

John talks about life coaching tools for transformation and gives more details on the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation and their new movement, Triumph Over Trauma. It deals with the rights and welfare of children under 15 which make up over 25% of the…

Therapeutic Tapping with Jill Massura
Posted in: The Butterfly Moment on February 27, 2018

Life Coach Jill Massura talks about an exciting tool for self improvement and stress reduction called tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). She also describes how this cutting edge tool can make a massive difference in your life.


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