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The Miracle of Healing with Lisa Campion


The Miracle of Healing with Lisa Campion

LIVE: Tuesday at 2pm ET/11am PT

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Healing is a miracle! Everyday people experience the miracle of healing in so many ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Join Lisa Campion as she introduces you to different types of healers, modalities and empowering stories of people's healing journey.

As a psychic, counselor and energy healer who specializes in training healers, Lisa is immersed in the world of healing and delights in bringing that to you. Whether you are a healer yourself, looking to expand your knowledge of healing, or a person on your own healing journey, this show is packed full of wisdom, tidbits on healthier living, understanding the mind/body connection and how to heal our way through the root causes of illness.

Listen Tuesdays at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific on Empower Radio.


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