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Voices of Vision with Jane Asher

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Voices of Vision is a weekly radio show with radio and voice over personality, Jane Asher. She is motivated and inspired daily by discovering the deepest passion in others. So, what exactly is it that excites, motivates and empowers individuals to explore and achieve their full potential? To find answers, Jane searches through her vast network of connections.

Each week she will interview thought provoking influencers, change agents, positive authors, non-profits with a mission of bettering humanity and the humble hero next door who elevates one person at a time. She is curious by nature and a natural bliss broker. Jane loves people and thrives on the opportunity to give a voice to their vision.


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If You Love What You Do, You'll Never Work a Day in Your Life
Posted in: Voices of Vision on February 18, 2019

Jane speaks with her dear friend and mentor Dick Kernen. The two discuss the differences between a positive and negative attitude. Jane does her best to convince her friend that he indeed is a positive influence. Of course she spends her days doing…

Dumb Luck = Divine Guidance with Dick Kernen and Nancy Schoenheide-Phares
Posted in: Voices of Vision on December 3, 2018

Jane welcomes her mentor and friend Dick Kernen back on the show as well as her life-long best friend, Nancy Schoenheide-Phares. The three get into a lively discussion about equality, insight, elevating others and remaining relevant in today's…

Fun With Dick and Jane!
Posted in: Voices of Vision on July 16, 2018

Dick Kernen is Jane's mentor and friend. One of her favorite things about Dick is his obvious passion for connecting. He is fond of saying, "If you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life". He is right.

[Click Here to…

Social Savvy 101: Why Getting Great Grades in College Is Only Part of the Equation for a Happy, Successful Life
Posted in: Voices of Vision on July 9, 2018

Join Jane as she talks to Life Coach Allie Irwin about the work she's doing to help college students. College is an enormous investment on many levels, and a big part of the college experience is the relationships developed while there. Every…

The Book of Beasties with Sarah Bamford Seidelmann
Posted in: Voices of Vision on July 2, 2018

Join Jane as she interviews Sarah Bamford Seidelmann about her new book The Book of Beasties. Why do certain animals show up in your life? What are they trying to share? Our human ancestors knew nature is filled with wisdom, intelligence and…

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