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The Next Room with Jane Asher

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Jane Asher takes you on a soulful journey to explore and embrace the bigger picture surrounding life on earth...and what follows. She speaks with authors, friends, transition specialists and other experts about death, dying, grieving, beliefs and cultural traditions surrounding this journey we all must ultimately take. So, what is next, after life on this plane? Jane is curious, and will connect with others that wish to dive deeper into our beliefs about the next chapter. Is there life after death? Can we communicate with our loved ones, once they pass? Is the way we view death as a society outmoded, given what we have learned about transition? What are some of the signs and messages we receive, from those that have moved on? What are some of the special ways we may honor our loved ones, once they've exited to the next room? These topics and more, on the Next Room...

Listen every Monday at 3pm Eastern/12N Pacific on Empower Radio. 


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Intuitive You with Lisa Jesswein
Posted in: The Next Room on June 6, 2022

Jane is thrilled to introduce you to the incomparable Lisa Jesswein who’s Spirit Guide came to her at the age of five years old, and then at sixteen she had a Near-Death-Experience. This is one tuned in Psychic Medium who made a pivot during Covid…

Healing with the Ancients with Lisa Snyder
Posted in: The Next Room on May 30, 2022

What is Healing with the Ancients? You are about to find out on this week’s show as Jane introduces you to another passionate new friend through Camille Dan’s book project; “Gathering at the Doorway~An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from…

An Unexpected Mystic on The Next Room with Lynette Setzkorn
Posted in: The Next Room on May 23, 2022

Everybody needs a spiritual cheerleader and that’s exactly what you’ll get this week on the show. Jane met Lynette Setzkorn  through Camille Dan’s book project, “Gathering at the Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the…

She Walks in Beauty in The Next Room with Jim McCarty
Posted in: The Next Room on May 16, 2022

It’s a show of serendipitous alignment this week on the show. Years ago, when Jane was a rock-n-roll D.J. playing Yardbirds tunes on KTYD, little did she know she would be interviewing the drummer for the band years later about the afterlife. Jane…

A Journey of Loss, Healing and Hope with Rosanne Norris
Posted in: The Next Room on May 9, 2022

Jane was introduced to Rosanne Norris through Camille Dan’s upcoming Afterlife Anthology Project, due this summer. She is the author of beLEEve, A Journey of Loss, Healing, and Hope, which was ranked number one in several categories, in both the…

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