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Humans on a Mission with Connie Kanella


Humans on a Mission with Connie Kanella

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Your Mission is ready to be illuminated. Are you ready to magnify it? Join Connie Kanella Aramento as she introduces you to Humans who are on a Mission impacting our world positively in a BIG way, and who have an incredible story to share about how they arrived here in this moment. She also will teach you how to spark your path by helping you magnify the power within you.

As an intuitive and self-awareness coach and educator, Connie brings her expertise of education, leadership, well-being, spirituality and FUN to the show. The show is packed with inspiration, motivation, and wisdom from those who are living it to those who are on their way.

Listen Thursdays at 10am Eastern beginning July 8th on Empower Radio.

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Easy Action Steps to Shift into Inner Peace and Calm
Posted in: Humans on a Mission on October 21, 2021

We are constantly in a state of motion, and even e-motion, and we can easily get stuck in both of them. In this week's episode, Connie will talk about the power of the pause, taking care of yourself, and will walk you through key steps to help you…

Shift your Consciousness into Heart-Centered Leadership with Alison Lessard
Posted in: Humans on a Mission on September 30, 2021

In today's episode, Intuitive Business Coach, Alison Lessard will share how we are moving into a new business paradigm focused in heart-centered leadership. She will share how her spiritual growth has led her here, and how we each are the living,…

The Magic Sauce is All in Your Numbers with Numerologist Nicki Tsouflidis-Minasidis
Posted in: Humans on a Mission on September 9, 2021

Did you know that your unique numbers based on your birth information share a beautiful story about you and your purpose on earth? In this week's episode, we talk all about Numerology with expert Nicki Tsouflidis-Minasidis. You will learn more about…

How to Shift into VIP Self-Care Status
Posted in: Humans on a Mission on September 2, 2021

In this week's episode of Humans on a Mission, we are driving right into VIP status when it comes to self-care. Let's face it, you are a very important person already, but have you been treating yourself like one? We often forget about taking care…

How to Pivot in the Unknown with Christine Anastasia
Posted in: Humans on a Mission on August 26, 2021

This past year and a half has been a challenge for many. Christine Anastasia is a working mom coach who had to pivot in her life and career when she lost her job in higher education nine months ago. In this episode, she shares with us her journey of…

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