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Teri Williams, also known as The Bliss Lady, introduces you to inspiring, motivating, enlightening, and joyful guests who share their passion for empowering others to live in harmony, peace and joy; guests who have a reverence and a love for all life, reminding us that every second offers us another chance to choose bliss.

Join us every Monday for a new edition of Empower Radio's Welcome to Blissville, as Teri shares resources, stories and people who will jump start your week with passion and purpose on the road to bliss!

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Belinda Phillips "Healing with Belinda"
Posted in: Welcome to Blissville on April 15, 2013

Are you looking for “something more” to get you through the day, maybe even the next minute? Belinda Phillips has been there. Many years ago Belinda left her job to care for her daughter – always searching for “something” to help in the healing…

Cheryl Heppard "List Spike Spring Training"
Posted in: Welcome to Blissville on April 8, 2013

How we grow our businesses really depends on how we show up!  Cheryl Heppard of List Spike, mom, wife, and health coach, chats with me on how to show up in a whole new way!  Cheryl has created tools and programs to help coaches all over the world to…

Allen Klein - Mr. Jollytologist
Posted in: Welcome to Blissville on March 25, 2013

Do you ever wish you could just laugh, when you really feel like crying? Join Teri as she speaks with best selling author and "jollytologist" Allen Klein about how laughter, especially during our darkest moments, can help guide us back to joyful…

Linda Joy "Aspiring Women"
Posted in: Welcome to Blissville on March 18, 2013

Linda Joy is Publisher of Aspire Magazine --the premier online magazine for women. She shares how she went from a single mom on welfare to leading the premier online magazine for women - a magazine that inspires, motivates and educates.  Linda's…

Cheryl Maloney "Get Past Your Worries"
Posted in: Welcome to Blissville on March 11, 2013

What do you do when you realize that despite all of  your positive intentions, something is just not right?  Cheryl Maloney of Simple Steps Real Change has a few ideas!  If you're ready to get past your worries and fears then tune in to Welcome to…

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