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A Dose of Dr Karla is where we elevate and celebrate self-care and the holistic healthcare experience. This is a space we will also bring you a weekly dose of serious to light-hearted, yet enjoyable and trustworthy health related content. You'll get facts not fiction, along with Dr. Karla's practical, professional opinion.

The podcast is hosted by Dr. Karla Mitchell, best known for applying natural and holistic methods to commonly diagnosed medical conditions. Leading Detroit's most innovative model for urban community healing, she offers innovative care options, provides leadership in developing culturally appropriate strategies to address health equity, health disparity, and health literacy. Her work focuses on improving health outcomes, reducing and preventing dependencies, and educating and empowering people to make informed health care choices.

Listen every Monday at 10am Eastern/7am Pacific on Empower Radio.

Dr._Karla_Mitchell_405203580.jpegDr. Karla Mitchell is a Clinical Traditional Naturopath in private practice and the CEO of Changing Lives and Staying Sober (CLASS Agency), a substance abuse and treatment agency located in the heart of Detroit. Dr. Karla is keen on integrating natural methods for whole-person healthcare and applying various non-invasive, non-drug methods to commonly diagnosed medical conditions.

Fueling Your Body
Posted in: A Dose of Dr. Karla on February 22, 2021

The old cliché you are what you eat is so dated and should be removed from our brains. We are built to eat to reenergize, to heal, and to provide energy to think sharper and to continue to excel at life. But what if we’re heating is ACTUALLY slowing…

The Black Woman's Body: No, We're Not All Created Equal
Posted in: A Dose of Dr. Karla on February 15, 2021

There's beauty in individuality. We are all created with our own blueprint. So, why when we aren't feeling well or we're handed down a diagnosis we believe that all treatments or remedies should be the same? Each one of us metabolize, react and/or…

Natural and Holistic Health
Posted in: A Dose of Dr. Karla on February 8, 2021

Our bodies are a compass. Our bodies are powerful, they can tell us when we're feeling good, but if we listen closely, the body can also tell us what could be wrong. Every week, Dr. Karla Mitchell, a world renown Naturopathic doctor will teach us…

Finding Your Body Compass
Posted in: A Dose of Dr. Karla on February 1, 2021

Dr. Mitchell's interest in holistic care began with her own cancer diagnosis, several years ago.  She immediately knew that the standard approach to cancer treatment, including radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and its associated risk, was not the…