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Humans on a Mission with Connie Kanella


Humans on a Mission with Connie Kanella

New show beginning July 8th on Empower Radio!

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Your Mission is ready to be illuminated. Are you ready to magnify it? Join Connie Kanella Aramento as she introduces you to Humans who are on a Mission impacting our world positively in a BIG way, and who have an incredible story to share about how they arrived here in this moment. She also will teach you how to spark your path by helping you magnify the power within you.

As an intuitive and self-awareness coach and educator, Connie brings her expertise of education, leadership, well-being, spirituality and FUN to the show. The show is packed with inspiration, motivation, and wisdom from those who are living it to those who are on their way.

Listen Thursdays at 10am Eastern beginning July 8th on Empower Radio.

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