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Sarah Politis and Jordan Foxworthy, two college students who came together through their common interests, talents, and passions to make the world a better place for young people, invite you to tune into Fresh Forward

The program is dedicated to young people seeking an inspiring message through the discussion of relevant issues and how to overcome those challenges, interviews with young positive role models, and many surprises along the way!

Young and positive this is Fresh Forward!

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Jon Mclaughlin- "Promising Promises"
Posted in: Fresh Forward on May 2, 2012


Jon McLaughlin joins us as this week’s guest on Fresh Forward. He is a pianist, singer/songwriter, and all around SUPER cool guy…who has been taking the world by storm since his first album “Indiana” dropped on May 1, 2007. McLaughlin shares…

Eleven-Year-Old Music Sensation Ethan Bortnick
Posted in: Fresh Forward on April 25, 2012


Tune in this week to hear our interview with one of the coolest kids we've ever met - Ethan Bortnick! At only 11, Ethan has already made history as the youngest musician, composer, and entertainer to headline a concert tour. Ethan shares with…

Adrian Bailey "From Detroit To Broadway"
Posted in: Fresh Forward on April 18, 2012


On this edition of Fresh Forward, Jordan and Sarah talk with Adrian Bailey, a actor from Broadway with 35 years of experience. Adrian directs us on his journey of his inspiring career in acting on Broadway. Adrian has been in 16 Broadway…
Zach Hamed "AidAide"
Posted in: Fresh Forward on April 11, 2012

Zach Hamed is a sophomore at Harvard studying computer science. He is also interested in entrepreneurship and business. As a freshman, he created, a website that helps students find financial aid opportunities. He was the first…
Joshua Harrelson
Posted in: Fresh Forward on November 2, 2011

Fresh Forward on Empower Radio returns featuring another young person making a difference. Joshua Harrelson talks about his work with the Atlanta Mission which provides emergency shelter, residential discipleship, job attainment, and transitional…

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