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Lisa Black "Everything Radiates from Within"

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Lisa Black on Art as Worship

Lisa Black has entrepreneur blood flowing through her veins and is the Founder of Fields of Gold Farm and Greenhouse.   

I know everything radiates from within me. It doesn't matter what's going on in the environment around me — as long as I stay crystal clear, I feel strong and empowered. My main focus is keeping my radiance where it needs to be and my frequency high so these beautiful things can come in when they're needed.” ~Lisa Black 

After graduating college with degrees in Nuclear Medicine and Business/Marketing from Bowman-Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest, NC and USC-Columbia, SC, Lisa took off to explore the fields of conventional health and wellness along with starting her own business in Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design and Public Relations in both Griffin and Atlanta, GA. Her dual passions of health and marketing led her on a wonderful journey.  While working in the Atlanta area, she gleaned from a wide variety of interests including fitness, nutrition, agriculture, alternative health therapies, networking, food, conferences, seminars, and body-mind energetics.

After almost 20 years in the marketing world, Lisa returned to the family farm in Hendersonville, NC to 'cultivate' a new project, Fields of Gold Farm and Greenhouse.  All of life's roads have culminated to birth this latest project — making great health through incredible food, a major priority.  Through this passion-filled 'God Project', Lisa has found heaven on earth unfolding the symphony that nature offers in bringing nutritious sLisa Blackuperfood from farm to table.

Lisa says, “It’s an artist's palette to have the creative juices flowing and roll out a project with the depth and breadth of Fields of Gold. When I came back to the family farm in 2004, I received this inspiration of possibilities. I kept hearing a voice saying ‘feed my people, feed my people, feed my people.’ That really guided me down the path. It's certainly not just me — I’ve had a lot of guidance and support from all different angles.”

About detours and roadblocks, Lisa says, “Everything is a blessing. If we can look at those bumps in the road with different eyes and listen to the stories surrounding them with different ears, all of a sudden you’ll get the inspiration as to why that fell into place to either strengthen you or get you back on the right path.”

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About Vanessa Lowry:

Vanessa Lowry is an author, artist, radio host, marketing consultant, and graphic designer. In addition to hosting Art as Worship on, she leverages more than 30 years of design and marketing expertise to assist book authors who are self-publishing. Vanessa has self-published eight of her own books including The Magical Influence of Listening. This book was created in collaboration with nine co-authors including Empower Radio's founder Brent Carey. Vanessa is currently writing a book from information collected through the Art as Worship radio show. Find out more about this project and Vanessa at