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Interior Designer Anita Beyer on Art As Worship


Anita Beyer is an interior designer who thinks of herself as a “creator” (with a small “c”) more than as an artist. She believes her talent for turning her client’s dreams into the reality of a beautiful space is a gift from God. She says, “The aesthetics of our homes and offices are so important. Your surroundings can be harmonious and make you feel wonderful, or they can deplete you of energy.” She goes on to say it’s not only important how YOU feel in your space, but how others feel when they come into that space. Anita says, “Often when I walk into a space, I see a flash of the color that is going to be in that room or how accessories should be arranged. I get amazed knowing it’s divinely inputted to me. I'm just an instrument — the person who's interpreting it.” Find out more at or “like” the Art as Worship Facebook page and get a daily boost of inspiration and creativity. “Listening is the initial step in any project. Not only listening to my client, but listening to my inner voice.”


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In 2002, Anita founded Beyer’s Design, Inc. to help clients transform their homes & lives with her full service interior decorating and renovating services. Whether a client needs a complete home renovation or just wants to personalize a room or office, Anita orchestrates each project from start to finish. Her work has been written about in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and other national publications. 


About Vanessa Lowry:

Vanessa Lowry is an author, artist, radio host, marketing consultant, and graphic designer. In addition to hosting Art as Worship on, she leverages more than 30 years of design and marketing expertise to assist book authors who are self-publishing. Vanessa has self-published eight of her own books including The Magical Influence of Listening. This book was created in collaboration with nine co-authors including Empower Radio's founder Brent Carey. Vanessa is currently writing a book from information collected through the Art as Worship radio show. Find out more about this project and Vanessa at