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Dr. Cherilynn Morrow "Transform Rather Than Inform"

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Cherilynn Morrow On Art As Worship

Dr. Cherilynn Morrow has been a professor of Physics & Astronomy at Georgia State University (GSU) with a focus on innovative instruction and education research. Her primary roles have been working with colleagues to re-vitalize introductory physics teaching in a collaborative, integrated lecture/lab environment called Studio Physics, and to make physics more accessible and engaging for future educators as well as for pre-professionals in medicine, law, and business. In addition, Cherilynn serves as Principal Investigator for a NASA grant ($500,000) to enhance Global Climate Change education in the state of Georgia.As of August 1st, 2012, she is leaving her professorship to put greater focus on the pursuit of her artistic dreams. In addition to her passion for developing the minds and hearts of students and teachers in the context of science education, Dr. Morrow is also a singer and budding songwriter. She is a strong advocate and practitioner of integrating music and the arts in service to science education and loves to communicate in ways that “transform rather than inform.”

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Cherilynn Morrow earned a BS in Physics (with minor in French) from George Mason University in 1981, and a PhD in Astrophysical, Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Colorado in 1988. She spent several years as a solar physicist, including a graduate fellowship at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, High Altitude Observatory, and a post-doctoral appointment at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge, England.

Her research provided new insights about how the inside of the Sun is rotating and about implications for the solar cycle. In the early nineties, Cherilynn chose to make a transition to science and math education at the University of Colorado. She designed and taught innovative courses in space science and mathematics and led a team of 15 peer learning instructors while serving as Associate Director of the University Math Program and the Assistant Director for Teaching in the Colorado Space Grant College. From 1992-1994, Dr. Morrow served as a Visiting Senior Scientist at NASA Headquarters, where she was responsible for engaging the scientists, research facilities, and data resources of the space science community in support of national education goals.

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