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Jessyca Holland "Make a Living Doing Art"

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Jessyca Holland on Art As Worship

Join Vanessa as she sits down with Jessyca Holland, co-founder and executive director of C4 Atlanta an arts nonprofit that helps artists with the business of being creative. The classes and workshops provided by C4 Atlanta bring artists of different generations and a variety of mediums together.

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“At C4 Atlanta, we teach artists the vocabulary that empowers them to make a living doing art. For many artists, creating a business plan taps into a latent part of the brain that they haven’t explored before and it sparks creativity that they didn’t think was there. One purpose of business planning is to make you think about your life in terms of a mission. What gets you out of bed every day and what drives you?” ~Jessyca Holland

Jessyca Holland is the co-founder and Executive Director of C4 Atlanta. Before joining the world of nonprofit arts administration, Jessyca was an independent actor performing in Greater Atlanta. Jessyca participated in the Bank of America Neighborhood Excellence Initiative 2007 Leadership Program, the 2011 Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta, and was a 2011 Judith O’Conner Scholar, BoardSource.

C4Atlanta logoShe has been on arts panels for Georgia Forward, Gather Atlanta, and the Association of Performing Arts Service Organizations. Jessyca earned her B.A. in Theatre in 2000 from the University of West Georgia, and Masters of Library Media in 2009 from Georgia State University.

Find out more about Jessyca and about C4 Atlanta at In addition to classes available to artists in the Atlanta area, there are on-line archives of past TechsmARTs workshops.


About Vanessa Lowry:

Vanessa Lowry is an author, artist, radio host, marketing consultant, and graphic designer. In addition to hosting Art as Worship on, she leverages more than 30 years of design and marketing expertise to assist book authors who are self-publishing. Vanessa has self-published eight of her own books including The Magical Influence of Listening. This book was created in collaboration with nine co-authors including Empower Radio's founder Brent Carey. Vanessa is currently writing a book from information collected through the Art as Worship radio show. Find out more about this project and Vanessa at