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Suzanne Halvorson "Weaving Is My True North"

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Suzanne Halvorson "Weaving Is My True North"

Join Vanessa and guest Suzanne Halvorson, who is a textile studio artist and partner in By Hand Gallery in Indiana.



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ISuzanne Halvorsonn 2012, Halvorson was a Visiting Lecturer at Indiana University School of Fine Arts, and at Earlham College (Indiana). She will be teaching at Purdue University for the 2013 fall semester. She has taught weaving workshops at Penland School of Craft (North Carolina), Ghost Ranch (New Mexico), Grunewald Guild (Washington), and at HGA's Convergence (California) and for countless weaver's guilds and conferences. Her work is published in Handwoven, Shuttle, Spindle, and Dyepot, and Weaving for Worship.

“My art is my spiritual evolution," Halvorson says. "Weaving is my true north and without it I don't know who I would be — I consider it my calling. It keeps me seeing the world as a hopeful place. I look for beauty and inspiration every day.

“Weaving is what I call active meditation. Every step of the process is slow and intentional — it is very calming. There are times when I'm weaving when I am really in the zone and completely connected to the work; that everything else disappears.”

Find out more about her at Suzanne's work is represented by: By Hand Gallery, Bloomington, IN; Marigold Arts, Santa Fe NM; Penland Gallery, Penland, NC; Columbus Visitor's Center, Columbus, IN; and Spear's Gallery, Nashville, IN.

Her liturgical line is entirely by commission.

“I'm learning to say no to commissions that may not be in harmony with where I want to go with my work. I choose the ones that I accept based on if I can do something new — something that inspires me. It’s not just the same old thing.”

Suzanne will be teaching summer workshops "Weaving Explorations" (July 8 – 13) at Ghost Ranch [] and "Dyeing to Weave" (July 22 – 27) at Grunewald Guild. [] These workshops are for weavers of all levels.

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