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Creating Spiritual Health with Jan Lundy

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Creating Spiritual Health with Jan Lundy

How many times have you worried about what other people thought of you? During this show, we will be exploring how external factors, such as other people's thoughts of us, hold us hostage from being and doing the things we love. Pam will also provide you with some easy to use tips to let go of the worry and concern once and for all.

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Janice Lynne Lundy is passionate about spiritual health and helping others create it in their lives. She is an educator, a renowned seminar and retreat leader, and certified Interfaith Spiritual Director. Described by her mentees, readers and audiences as "practical and poetic with deep and gentle wisdom," Jan has inspired tens of thousands of women around the world, as she describes it, to get “Calm, clear and wise!”

Jan is the author of four personal/spiritual growth books: Coming Home to Ourselves: A Woman's Journey to Wholeness, Awakening the Spirit Within, Perfect Love, and Your Truest Self: Embracing the Woman You Are Meant to Be, highly acclaimed books that encourage us to live mindfully, with compassion and loving-kindness for ourselves and all beings. She is also the founder and editor of the online magazine and community, “Meditate Like A Girl.”
For over 20 years, Jan has worked as a spiritual mentor and guide and has a true gift for companioning women of all ages and spiritual traditions. With great sensitivity and a lifetime of experience, she provides us with the tools and knowledge we need to navigate life with ease, compassion and grace—even when life is difficult. She does this in-person and online through programs and retreats, and through one-on-one mentoring, in-person or over the telephone/skype.

Jan lives with her beloved husband, Brad, along the peaceful shores of Lake Michigan. She is the mother of three, stepmother of four, and grandmother to six. Her motto is, “Believe, breathe and be well.”
Learn more about Jan at her website,, where you can enroll in “A Year for Me,” her foundational spiritual growth program for women, subscribe to her newsletter, and receive daily “Beads of Wisdom.”


About Pam Thomas:

Pam Thomas, M.S., PCC is a passion purveyor, change agent, internal beauty coach, and a mover and shaker maker aka International Coach Federation certified Life, Mentor, and Business Development Coach. Pam's passion is supporting others in finding their voices, as well as eradicating low self esteem and she has years of experience in empowering people to become their most powerful and confident selves. She has successfully worked with groups and individuals who have started their own businesses, increased their self confidence, enhanced their internal beauty, gained clarity around their life's passion, taken dreams from paper to reality, become more productive in their careers, and mastered work/life balance. She is also the author of the e-workbook series Will the Real YOU Please Step Forward, free e-course Getting Your Groove On; 10 Kick Ass Ways to Supercharge Your Life and a powerful self esteem/self confidence boosting program and interactive e-workbook called the Internal Beauty Boot Camp.