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The Future of the Butterfly Foundation with Chip St. Clair

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The Future of the Butterfly Foundation with Chip St. Clair

Empower Radio favorite Guest, Chip St. Clair, gives our loyal listeners an update concerning the most recent projects, especially the "white paper" (a funding document) he most recently completed for the foundation, and also the plans for a feature film and an explosion of growth of the Butterfly Foundation, a reality TV show.

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Chip_St._Claire_582084955.jpgChip St. Clair has spent the past 10 years writing bestselling nonfiction, commercial young adult fiction, and screenplays for Oscar-nominated actors and producers, as well as contributing to the growth and success of two nonprofit organizations serving children.

He is a Ghostwriter and Project Editor for ForbesBooks, where he works with the world's leading entrepreneurs and thought-leaders to craft engaging, informative books designed to impact the masses. Most recently, he has completed a treatment for an original series for Netflix, and is the co-creator and lead writer for a new reality show being shot throughout Detroit. He’s been featured on media outlets worldwide, including Good Morning America, Dateline, and Huffington Post as an author and child advocate, and most recently in a documentary on OWN and Investigation Discovery.

In addition to writing and screenwriting, St. Clair is a motivational speaker, a board member for an international mental health services organization, and guest teaches creative writing in at-risk middle and high schools for SCBF. He resides in Southeast Michigan with his best friend and wife of 19 years, Lisa. 


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