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Loving Meditations: Bringing Calm to Cancer with David Dachinger and Tamara Green

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Loving Meditations: Bringing Calm to Cancer with David Dachinger and Tamara Green

Mel sits down with Cancer Survivor David Dachinger and his wife licensed psychotherapist Tamara Green, creators of Loving Meditations.  

Loving Meditations is an app that helps cancer survivors and caregivers use mindful based meditation to help in their healing process. Effective guided audios and videos use mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) practices, contributing to a balanced, integrative approach to cancer therapies. If Mel had this app when she was going through her cancer treatment, she believes that she wouldn't have had as much anxiety as she had. It's all about mindful meditation and Bringing Calm to Cancer on an all new show available on demand now.

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tamara_green_796012427.jpgTamara Green, LCSW: Tamara is licensed in New York State as a Certified Social Worker and a member of the Natonal Association of Social Workers since 1991. She worked as a psychiatric social worker at New York Presbyterian Hospital for 18 years and is now a recognized psychotherapist and life coach in private practice.

Elle Magazine dubs Tamara “The Soul-centered Love & Relationship Expert.” She is an author, speaker, Meditation Facilitator, Individual and Couples Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Love Mentor® (trained by Diana Kirschner, PhD). Tamara combines her many years of professional training and life experience to create powerfully effective guided meditations that have helped thousands to achieve peace, love and well-being. Her educational degrees include a Bachelors of Science in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and a Masters in Social Work from Fordham University. She attended Ackerman Institute for Couples and Family Therapy for her postgraduate training.

Tamara’s background and training in mental health, certified hypnotherapy, and beliefs management allows her to employ effective techniques such as hypnosis, guided meditation and experiential exercises. She regularly lectures and facilitates teleconference groups and workshops.

david_dachinger_188716807.jpegDavid Dachinger is a New York-based composer who has scored inspiring music for America's most celebrated sporting events and television shows. Over 1 billion people have heard his music on CBS broadcasts of the Super Bowl, The Masters and the NFL. A Grammy Award nominee, David has been a mixing engineer and producer on numerous albums with artist such as Usher, Celine Dione and The Isley Brothers.

David has survived head, neck and lymphatic stage-4 cancer. As a patient, he had first-hand experience undergoing imaging diagnostics, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. David is an international bestselling author featured in Cancer: From Tears to Triumph, a book filled with inspiration from survivors, health care and support professionals, caregivers and loved ones, available on Amazon. A true man of service, David is also a New York State and Connecticut Certified Firefighter, AEMT, Fire Service instructor I, Fire Officer I & II, Rescue Technician. As an advanced EMT, he delivers patient care in emergency settings and interfaces with healthcare professionals in several tri-state hospitals.

David has also been making his contribution to inspirational change by producing music and video for awakening and motivational media including Access Consciousness, Masters of Quantum Healing, Miracle Mondays Meditations and Loving Meditations.


About Mel Majoros:

Mel Majoros, currently in remission, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.  On a lucky break after her cancer surgery she was offered a job as a producer on a local talk sports show in Michigan where she advocates about cancer and other health related topics.  During that time she started blogging and her blog has been named one of the top ten breast cancer blogs by  She brings a unique perspective to being a survivor, always keeping a positive attitude and an athletes mentality for dealing with cancer and survivorship. Prior to working in radio Mel was a 10 year veteran of the television industry working on such shows as Walker, Texas Ranger and Crossing Jordan.