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Clean Soups with Rebecca Katz

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Clean Soups with Rebecca Katz

Mel sits down with friend and Culinary Translator Rebecca Katz. Clean Soups is Rebecca's new book. Mel and Rebecca talk about the great recipes in the book, how you can make your own stock and store soup in your freezer for a later meal, and a soup cleanse! Rebecca also has a new online course The Cancer Fighters Kitchen course, it is self paced and for anyone wanting to learn culinary techniques that will nourish the participant during cancer treatment and beyond.

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Rebecca Katz invented the term “Culinary Translator” to describe what she does, which is essentially translating nutritional science to the plate, seasoned by wisdom and the alchemy of flavor.

Rebecca got to this magical place in her life after a stressed-out career in the business world led her to seek a more nourishing life. She found the answer in a signora’s kitchen in Florence, and went on to formal culinary training at the Natural Gourmet Institute. Fast forward to becoming Executive Chef for the Food As Medicine professional nutrition training program, obtaining a Masters of Science degree in Health and Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University, and publishing her first science-based cookbook. A Culinary Translator was born!

Now she gets to play nutrition detective and healthy cook to her own heart’s delight, within her artist’s eye (also a painter), flavor-loving taste buds and writer’s mind. Rebecca has also recently formed a new company called Healing Kitchens LLC with some great partners to allow her to bring their message of Yum to even more people. And last but not least is she plays another very special role, the one where she gets to give back: founder and director of the Healing Kitchens Institute (HKI) at Commonweal in Bolinas, CA. HKI is an evolving platform dedicated to educating individuals and communities about the power of food as medicine and nourishment. 



About Mel Majoros:

Mel Majoros, currently in remission, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.  On a lucky break after her cancer surgery she was offered a job as a producer on a local talk sports show in Michigan where she advocates about cancer and other health related topics.  During that time she started blogging and her blog has been named one of the top ten breast cancer blogs by  She brings a unique perspective to being a survivor, always keeping a positive attitude and an athletes mentality for dealing with cancer and survivorship. Prior to working in radio Mel was a 10 year veteran of the television industry working on such shows as Walker, Texas Ranger and Crossing Jordan.