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Near Death Experiences and After Effects with Jim Bruton

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Jim Bruton - Near Death Experiences and After Effects

The_In_Between__Jim_Bruton_250421778.jpg“It's as if this place was made so that I can only do one thing and one thing only, with no chance to screw it up.” Best way to describe the view in Jim Bruton's Near Death experience. Apocalyptic.

Asked why his NDE would have been devoid of the more common elements of upbeat life reviews, heavenly music and angelic light, Jim says he suspects a lusher atmosphere could have been too distracting.

Jim Bruton's NDE scenario presents with a desolate landscape resembling that of a major city laid waste and the presence of a main character in the configuration of a giant, Escher-esque Egg.

"The In Between shows the quantum reality of time, entanglement and how all things are interconnected. There are things that happened at the beginning of time that are, not will, affecting other things at the end of time. Literally, in between the two is only the present." Jim Bruton. The In Between: A Trip of a Lifetime.

About the egg? Images are on his site and/or view the video presentation with Charlotte IANDS.

No mistaking the living-on-the-edge drama factor in Jim's extensive media background. Some of the assignments he accepted could be classified as extreme risk [As Embedded Journalist & Special Projects Manager (NBC News, NY) – presented and produced news stories live from warzones]. Bio/Details.

This NDE clearly illustrates the ability of source to convey information in a manner that is brilliantly tailored for optimum receptivity by the perceiver.

A few more links on the blog ...Wendy's Coffeehouse.

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