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How To Overcome Creative Blocks with Autumn Tompkins

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How To Overcome Creative Blocks

This episode features an interview with copywriter Autumn Tompkins as she
talks about why writer's block is a myth, how to overcome fears about creating and how to add more creativity into your everyday life.

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Autumn Tompkins is the Head Sass-Master at ink well copy. I’m a nail-biting, Southern Comfort-loving, poker-playing, adventure-seeking, animal-adoring, tattoo addict who has a way with words.
Writing to increase your revenue is my passion. I could list my accomplishments here, but I ate a slice of humble pie long ago. Plus, they wouldn’t fit. I’m just that awesome!
I also happen to be disabled; confined to a wheelchair Muscular Dystrophy style.
Oh no. Tear.
But wait, before you grab a violin and have a pity party for me…
Didn’t I just say I consume alcohol? Gasp!
Didn’t I just say I’m always looking for adventure? Gasp!!
Didn’t I just say I have tattoos? Gasp!!!
I know what you’re thinking and it’s probably true; I should stay home, mope around, and lead a sheltered life, because I have a disability. Fortunately, I’m simply not that type of person.
I live by a quote I discovered on a Salada Teabag (Don’t worry Salada, this shout out’s on the house), “Failure follows the person whose wishbone is where their backbone should be.” The world and incidentally my body are my canvases. I have to live my life to the fullest. Otherwise, what could have been, will never be.
I’m a somebody. I don’t write for just anybody. I write for other somebody’s. And you, my creative friend, are a somebody.


About Doug Foresta:

Doug Foresta's mission is to use creativity and imagination to create a better world. As a therapist he works with individuals to use the power of imagination and narrative to create new possibilities and overcome trauma and addictions. He has hosted several Imagination Conversations, a project of The Lincoln Center Institute, in his hometown of Massachusetts.
He speaks regularly on the topics of creativity and healing, as well as about the healing power of stories. For the past several years he has produced and hosted a podcast about the power of creativity and imagination, and has been blessed to be able to interview New York Times bestselling authors, actors, activitists, musicians and extraordinary creative people from all walks of life.
Doug is also a produced playwright, and has taught playwriting and theatre to young people for over a decade. He is absolutely thrilled to be "living his bliss" and is currently focusing on using imagination to create social change and a more peaceful and loving world!