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How to Share Your Unforgettable Story With Nikki Groom

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How to Share Your Unforgettable Story With Nikki Groom

In this episode, content marketing expert Nikki Groom shares her own story of overcoming being painfully shy and sharing her voice, and discusses tips for how you can share your unforgettable story and build your brand. Discover how to stop playing small and market yourself and your business in a way that is consistent with your authentic self.

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Nikki_Groom_606404036.jpgNikki Groom is a digital marketer, brand strategist, and content marketing expert for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business while making the world a better place.

She is the host of Movement Makers, a podcast featuring in-depth conversations and unfiltered stories from business leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a difference on the planet, and founder of The 100 Stories Worth Telling Project, which seeks to amplify the voices of women entrepreneurs all over the world.

Nikki is passionate about the power of storytelling as a way for thought leaders to humanize their businesses, build relationships with the people they most want to serve, and inspire readers into action. She is also a firm believer that all businesses should lead with empathy.

A lifetime storyteller and strategic thinker, Nikki spent 10 years in marketing management before stepping into the role of business owner. Today, she uses her intuition and insight to help people share their message, tell unforgettable stories, and experience the power of authentic, from-the-heart marketing.

Nikki has been hailed as "a force of nature", "a rising superstar" and "one of the best" copywriters by leading luminaries. She appears in the book Winning the Battle for Attention by Stuart Atkins, was a contributing writer for the book End Sex Trafficking by Erin Giles, and has been featured by over 40 online publications and podcasts - including Vistaprint's Owner Nation. Find her online at


About Doug Foresta:

Doug Foresta's mission is to use creativity and imagination to create a better world. As a therapist he works with individuals to use the power of imagination and narrative to create new possibilities and overcome trauma and addictions. He has hosted several Imagination Conversations, a project of The Lincoln Center Institute, in his hometown of Massachusetts.
He speaks regularly on the topics of creativity and healing, as well as about the healing power of stories. For the past several years he has produced and hosted a podcast about the power of creativity and imagination, and has been blessed to be able to interview New York Times bestselling authors, actors, activitists, musicians and extraordinary creative people from all walks of life.
Doug is also a produced playwright, and has taught playwriting and theatre to young people for over a decade. He is absolutely thrilled to be "living his bliss" and is currently focusing on using imagination to create social change and a more peaceful and loving world!