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Fueling Your Body

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The old cliché you are what you eat is so dated and should be removed from our brains. We are built to eat to reenergize, to heal, and to provide energy to think sharper and to continue to excel at life. But what if we’re heating is ACTUALLY slowing us down, creating brain fog, or even taking in toxins that are attacking our bodies? Inflammatory foods have become a buzz word in the medical and health communities, but do we really know what threats are of consuming foods that create more swelling in our body? On this week’s show, we’re talking what you really need to fuel, and what foods that you think are healthy are really adding more fire and potential pain in your body.  


About Dr. Karla Mitchell:

Dr. Karla Mitchell is a Clinical Traditional Naturopath in private practice and the CEO of Changing Lives and Staying Sober (CLASS Agency), a substance abuse and treatment agency located in the heart of Detroit. Dr. Karla is keen on integrating natural methods for whole-person healthcare and applying various non-invasive, non-drug methods to commonly diagnosed medical conditions.