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Trauma Bonding: Are We Unconsciously Continuing the Cycle? PT 2

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After we recorded our first episode, "Can You Really Ever Evict Trauma, or is it a Squatter that Will Live with you Forever?" Our special guest, Adaora Ezike from the Detroit Health Department brought up another strong topic, Trauma Bonding. Trauma Bonding is a psychological response to abuse. If we've never had the real help we need to confront the abuse we've dealt with in the beginning, we may find ourselves continually finding different people or situations that mimic the trauma we experienced.




Adaora Ezike is a Public Health professional using restorative and trauma-informed practices to inform population health interventions and foster community partnerships.






About Dr. Karla Mitchell:

Dr. Karla Mitchell is a Clinical Traditional Naturopath in private practice and the CEO of Changing Lives and Staying Sober (CLASS Agency), a substance abuse and treatment agency located in the heart of Detroit. Dr. Karla is keen on integrating natural methods for whole-person healthcare and applying various non-invasive, non-drug methods to commonly diagnosed medical conditions.