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This show is for the grown folk, those 40 and over. Mid life sex can be amazing, yet as we get older some parts of our body start to react and feel different. And of course, hormones start changing, so urges we once had can start to quiet down. Women move into menopausal years and as we see from the constant ads on TV and websites, erectile dysfunction has started to haunt more men.

Dr. Karla is bringing sexy back in this episode….and you’ll never believe this one simple item you can add into your daily routine to help that libido. 


About Dr. Karla Mitchell:

Dr. Karla Mitchell is a Clinical Traditional Naturopath in private practice and the CEO of Changing Lives and Staying Sober (CLASS Agency), a substance abuse and treatment agency located in the heart of Detroit. Dr. Karla is keen on integrating natural methods for whole-person healthcare and applying various non-invasive, non-drug methods to commonly diagnosed medical conditions.