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Loving Your Lungs

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Lungs, they never get enough attention, well, until you can’t breathe. The lungs are one of the most powerful organs in our body, yet it never gets love until you are in distress. With Spring is upon us. What does that mean to asthma and allergy sufferers? As the flowers bloom, so do the daily times we start wheezing, sneezing and eyes starting to itch. This year may be even more severe, especially for those who contracted COVID and are still healing. Dr. Karla is bringing you some remedies today, in fact, some that may be growing in your backyard.


About Dr. Karla Mitchell:

Dr. Karla Mitchell is a Clinical Traditional Naturopath in private practice and the CEO of Changing Lives and Staying Sober (CLASS Agency), a substance abuse and treatment agency located in the heart of Detroit. Dr. Karla is keen on integrating natural methods for whole-person healthcare and applying various non-invasive, non-drug methods to commonly diagnosed medical conditions.