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Inspiring Positive Change for Our Most Vulnerable with Terry Grahl of Enchanted Makeovers

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Can you heal a house? Even more, can a house heal the residents? We all know our surroundings can motivate, lift and inspire. But what happens when you live in an environment that is dark, dingy, and depressing? How does one feel worthy enough to dream big and make significant psychological and behavioral change? Meet Terry Grahl and Enchanted Makeovers, a nonprofit organization, that has discovered powerful answers to empowering homeless women and children.

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Terry Grahl is the Founder, Visionary and CEO of Enchanted Makeovers. She is also a co-author of several books, including the Best Seller Women's Studies Book, Women Will Save The World. Since 2007, Enchanted Makeovers' mission has been to transform shelters for women and children into places that inspire behavioral and psychological change. Through their various projects, mentoring programs and makeovers of the physical space, women and children are introduced to a way of thinking that helps to shift their outlook about their lives and possibilities for the future. The shelter is transformed into a "beacon of hope". Mentoring programs such as the "Sacred Sewing Room", "Stepping into the Dream" and "Capes for Kids" develop important life and coping skills. Terry believes in serving with your talent, the power of words and that "she is me". What began as a simple phone call in Dec. 2006 asking if she would volunteer her time and paint a wall at a shelter, hearing that still small voice "trust me" after the visit guided her to take that leap of faith and close her for-profit business and start a non-profit. Today, Enchanted Makeovers has grown to be a national charitable organization that is empowering women and children living in shelters and uniting communities worldwide. She lives in Taylor, Michigan with her husband and four children.


About Dr. Julie Krull:

Dr. Julie facilitates opportunities to bring spirit and consciousness more fully into life, relationships, the workplace, and community. She is celebrated as a visionary teacher, recognized for her authentic, down-to-earth approach. Dr. Julie assists to efficiently shift awareness from psychological and spiritual difficulties to a healthier flow of resonance. With her proficient, co-creative expertise, clients everywhere seek her mentoring.

Her fiery passion to uplift humanity began at the age of 11. After an early childhood near death experience, Dr. Julie's spiritual gifts presented. Subsequent childhood trauma and adverse experiences left her asking big questions about God, the Universe, the purpose of life, and the deeper meaning of humanity's pain and suffering. She received a series of prophetic visions, including the great shift of consciousness occurring on the planet and guidance for her vocational role in it. She has followed that path as a healer, teacher, and spiritual midwife ever since.

Her 30-year career blends the pragmatic teachings of Western psychology with inter-faith spiritual insight, her intuitive gifts, and an experiential understanding of energy and mind/body medicine. This compelling combination empowers clients, groups, organizations, and audiences to develop intentional, co-creative practice, aligned with spirit, attuned to heart, in harmony with nature, and in resonance with others. Dr. Julie is a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. She is a Reiki Master, Certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, Spiritual Director, and Certified Wellness Coach. She has studied extensively with Barbara Marx Hubbard and is a Mentor for Agents of Conscious Evolution. Dr. Julie is founder of Generative Alliance, LLC, co-founder of Good of the Whole, and hosts The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected. She is the author of the forthcoming book Fractured Grace.