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Being Conscious about the Shift in Consciousness with Sherryl Lin

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Being Conscious about the Shift in Consciousness with Sherryl Lin

Have you noticed how many different ideas are floating around about what is happening on the planet and what the future holds? Are you noticing all the different ways people are talking about change? Different lenses create different pictures. An auto lens is different from a manual lens. A microscopic lens is different from a telescopic lens. Join Sherryl Lin and Dr. Julie as they explore different ways of looking at the shift in consciousness.

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Sherryl Lin has vivid memories of being a young child with a pure, loving heart who knew that everything was possible. She knew that she had intuitive abilities back then, but being that there was no one to explain to her what she was experiencing, she shut that part of herself down as a way to protect herself from the feelings of not belonging to a world that she didn't understand.

Sherryl Lin was always interested in spirituality and spent much of her adult life looking for the next teacher or guru who, she was certain, had the answers she was looking for.  Everything shifted when, through a series of mystical, awakening experiences, Sherryl Lin began to remember her connection to Higher Consciousness and to know herself more deeply. As she opened up, she experienced a sense of total freedom and realized that she was a sovereign being, with her own unique gifts and abilities. These natural abilities have continued to evolve and shift as she has shifted.​

Sherryl Lin is a Medical Intuitive and Cosmic Conduit who uses powerful, divinely-guided healing techniques to bring your physical body into balance.  As a Medical Intuitive, Sherryl Lin not only sees what is physically out of balance in the body, giving recommendations, but in most instances is able to make adjustments, repairs and do non-invasive “psychic surgery” when it is called for.  Sherryl Lin also serves as a Cosmic Conduit assisting you to clear blocks, transmute energy from past lives, transform old patterns and clear your channel so that you can tune in more easily and consistently to higher levels of consciousness.


About Dr. Julie Krull:

Dr. Julie facilitates opportunities to bring spirit and consciousness more fully into life, relationships, the workplace, and community. She is celebrated as a visionary teacher, recognized for her authentic, down-to-earth approach. Dr. Julie assists to efficiently shift awareness from psychological and spiritual difficulties to a healthier flow of resonance. With her proficient, co-creative expertise, clients everywhere seek her mentoring.

Her fiery passion to uplift humanity began at the age of 11. After an early childhood near death experience, Dr. Julie's spiritual gifts presented. Subsequent childhood trauma and adverse experiences left her asking big questions about God, the Universe, the purpose of life, and the deeper meaning of humanity's pain and suffering. She received a series of prophetic visions, including the great shift of consciousness occurring on the planet and guidance for her vocational role in it. She has followed that path as a healer, teacher, and spiritual midwife ever since.

Her 30-year career blends the pragmatic teachings of Western psychology with inter-faith spiritual insight, her intuitive gifts, and an experiential understanding of energy and mind/body medicine. This compelling combination empowers clients, groups, organizations, and audiences to develop intentional, co-creative practice, aligned with spirit, attuned to heart, in harmony with nature, and in resonance with others. Dr. Julie is a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. She is a Reiki Master, Certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, Spiritual Director, and Certified Wellness Coach. She has studied extensively with Barbara Marx Hubbard and is a Mentor for Agents of Conscious Evolution. Dr. Julie is founder of Generative Alliance, LLC, co-founder of Good of the Whole, and hosts The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected. She is the author of the forthcoming book Fractured Grace.