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Comedic Activism with Brent Bishop

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Comedic Activism with Brent Bishop

Are you ready for a positive, creative approach to the barrage of troubling events and negative news? Just Sayin’! is a comedic Public Service Announcement series created by writer/director Brent Bishop, featuring actors, comedians, athletes, and public figures speaking out on the issues that matter most to them. Here’s a fun alternative that gets the message out about equality, justice, care for the environment and more.

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On this episode:

The illusion of seperation 3:00

Every voice matters 8:25

Calls to action 16:45

Simple engagement 20:30

Having fun while making change 28:10

Finding artists and building community 32:40

Changing hearts and minds 41:30

Playing to your strengths 48:40

Brent_Bishop_170788131.jpgBrent Bishop is an LA-based film director and animator. His work merges beautiful visuals with humor and positive messages. He is the director/creator of the new Just Sayin’! Comedic PSA series in which comedians, actors, athletes, and public figures speak out on the issues closest to their hearts. 



About Dr. Julie Krull:

Dr. Julie facilitates opportunities to bring spirit and consciousness more fully into life, relationships, the workplace, and community. She is celebrated as a visionary teacher, recognized for her authentic, down-to-earth approach. Dr. Julie assists to efficiently shift awareness from psychological and spiritual difficulties to a healthier flow of resonance. With her proficient, co-creative expertise, clients everywhere seek her mentoring.

Her fiery passion to uplift humanity began at the age of 11. After an early childhood near death experience, Dr. Julie's spiritual gifts presented. Subsequent childhood trauma and adverse experiences left her asking big questions about God, the Universe, the purpose of life, and the deeper meaning of humanity's pain and suffering. She received a series of prophetic visions, including the great shift of consciousness occurring on the planet and guidance for her vocational role in it. She has followed that path as a healer, teacher, and spiritual midwife ever since.

Her 30-year career blends the pragmatic teachings of Western psychology with inter-faith spiritual insight, her intuitive gifts, and an experiential understanding of energy and mind/body medicine. This compelling combination empowers clients, groups, organizations, and audiences to develop intentional, co-creative practice, aligned with spirit, attuned to heart, in harmony with nature, and in resonance with others. Dr. Julie is a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. She is a Reiki Master, Certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, Spiritual Director, and Certified Wellness Coach. She has studied extensively with Barbara Marx Hubbard and is a Mentor for Agents of Conscious Evolution. Dr. Julie is founder of Generative Alliance, LLC, co-founder of Good of the Whole, and hosts The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected. She is the author of the forthcoming book Fractured Grace.