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If You Dream It, You Can Do It with Cheryl Salinas Tucker

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If You Dream It, You Can Do It with Cheryl Salinas Tucker

A story of two sisters who just wanted to have a space to do what they love to do. Tune in to hear how Cheryl and her sister Jenny went from a 500 sq foot store to an award winning spa, all while enjoying the journey.

On This Episode:

1:45 - A family legacy

3:15 - Working your way up

6:30 - The "A-Ha!" moment

7:30 - Siblings, magical together

10:00 - Staying organized

13:00 - The significance of the name "Rouge"

15:00 - Taking risks

16:00 - Scary first year

19:00 - Expanding the business

20:30 - Catering to the customer

21:00 - Creating an unforgettable experience

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Cheryl_and_Jeny_168662759.pngWe are Cheryl & Jeny!  We are real Sisters who live in Ferndale and work together every day. We started ROUGE in 2010 as a small 500 sq. ft. Studio. We just wanted a small space to do what we do best: Jeny as the Natural Nail Magician that she is, and Cheryl as the Expert in Organic & Vegan Makeup & Skincare. We did not anticipate the level of popularity or loyalty that we would enjoy!  Soon, talented people wanted to come and work with us, and more opportunities came our way. It's been 7 years since our Grand Opening, and we have expanded to include more than just Makeup & Nails. In addition to our award winning makeup & nail services, we also offer: Facials, Sauna, Body Wax, Threading, Reiki & Reflexology.



About Jill Jack:

Jill Jack is a 43 time Detroit Music Award winner who has traveled the world sharing her life experiences through song. What Jill has enjoyed the most over her 30 year music career was meeting people. Jill found that in sharing her trials and tribulations, her dreams and aspirations she connected with people of all walks of life. Her fans would reach out to her and ask for advise on how to pursue their dreams. Jill decided 3 years ago to create Dream Big Incorporated - a place where Jill could share her gift of believing in, supporting and guiding individuals of all walks of life pursue their biggest dreams! Dream Big with Jill Jack! A radio show that will inspire, educate, and encourage listeners to be and do what their hearts are nudging them to do.