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Community Outreach with Dani Tietjen

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Community Outreach with Dani Tietjen

Jill and activist Dani Tietjen dig deep to find what drives Dani to continue to stay in the trenches in order to experience and tell the true stories that draw out our need for community, collaboration and creative spirit.

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On This Episode:

3:30 - Love of music

5:00 - Finding true love

6:15 - The resposibilities of parenthood

8:45 - Love and honor the human race

10:45 - The importance of journaling

15:00 - Community outreach program

19:00 - Listening as a job

22:00 - The beauty in our differences

23:30 - The garden project

Dani_Tietjen_654655467.pngAbove all things, Dani Tietjen is a storyteller. She loves stories that draw out our need for community, collaboration, and creative spirit. Stories much like our Hmong, African American, Somalian, and Mexican neighborhood kids who come to help plant the community garden and have designated it the "Friendship Garden". She has a passion and deep love for renewal on the local and global scale. Dani currently lives in North Minneapolis which is a highly diverse, underrepresented and racially-charged part of the city with my husband and three children. For more than a decade she has traveled to emerging countries with a focus on children and healthy programing. More than anything, Dani loves the complex nature of trying to reach across cultures, religions and economics gaps. These experiences have dramatically shaped her perspective on social justice and conflict. It is her desire to live a conscious life, which is an awareness of the steady unveiling of the deeper and richer truths that connect us not only to each other, but to the ever present Creator.


About Jill Jack:

Jill Jack is a 43 time Detroit Music Award winner who has traveled the world sharing her life experiences through song. What Jill has enjoyed the most over her 30 year music career was meeting people. Jill found that in sharing her trials and tribulations, her dreams and aspirations she connected with people of all walks of life. Her fans would reach out to her and ask for advise on how to pursue their dreams. Jill decided 3 years ago to create Dream Big Incorporated - a place where Jill could share her gift of believing in, supporting and guiding individuals of all walks of life pursue their biggest dreams! Dream Big with Jill Jack! A radio show that will inspire, educate, and encourage listeners to be and do what their hearts are nudging them to do.