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EmpowerScopes for Week of October 06, 2013

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Sharita Star looks at the week ahead in this week's EmpowerScope, including personalized forecasts for each sign.

As always we look to the week’s Moon Void of Courses (M VOC), that specifically advise we do not plan in any initiations, important meetings or purchase any products for long-term success during these passages. Rather, time spent under these periods in reassessment, reflection and review is favored. It is known that which is started under Moon VOC, “nothing becomes of it.” Hours are for EDT.

We start the week waxing from 04 October’s New Moon in Libra, asking us to initiate and gather up new energy in our lives until our Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Aries 18 October, which then casts off reflection as another waning phase begins.

M VOC: Tuesday 08 Oct 12:54am to 8:21am, Moon enters Sagittarius

M VOC: Thursday 10 Oct 6:10am to 11:17am, Moon enters Capricorn

M VOC: Friday 11 Oct 8:04pm to Saturday 12 Oct 2pm, Moon enters Aquarius


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