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Deb Miller on The Farkas Files

Deb Miller says that our lives are complicated and full of challenges, no matter how our circumstances or pasts seem to differ, and the expected and unexpected have us continually re-evaluating and re-defining inside and out. "I offer myself to you with rich and varied experience and a connected heart, to help you realize your own paths and increase your own sense of self, healing, and belonging.”  Deb shares her wide range of intuitive experiences with David on this edition of The Farkas Files.


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Deb Miller is a professional Psychic and Spirit Medium. She focuses her efforts on reminding people that…Deb Miller

  • We are anything but alone
  • We are more the same than different regardless of race, age, gender, income, neighborhood, family size, sexual orientation, appearance, spiritual beliefs, etc. -
  • And on empowering people to develop the inner confidence that we each have a connection to spirit and innate intuition and knowing that collectively we are stronger and more. 

Her psychic and spirit readings that may also include animal communication and medical intuition. She provides classes and presentations. Ordained as an Interfaith Minister and provides spiritual counseling. Deb is also certified in hypnosis, Reiki, and teaching. She is  a former nurse, published writer, artist, and a TV producer. She grew up in a  multi-generational family where conversations about auras, spirit visits and such were as natural as swing-sets and learning how to make Mama’s Chicken Cacciatore.



About David Franklin Farkas:

David Franklin Farkas, M.S.Ed, is a consultant, intuitive and spiritual healer specializing in remote healing of buildings, places, people and businesses for individuals and organizations.

Think of this work as removing the unseen blocks and obstacles that keep you from moving forward personally or in business

Who cares? His clients who...
• Who owned buildings that would not sell, before he cleared them.
• Who are realtors that now have another strategy besides lowering price.

And his clients whose...
• Businesses are now growing more rapidly.
• Neighbor, tenant, human resources or other issues are now much improved.
• Kids can now sleep well because the 'monsters' are gone.
• Mental or physical complaints are now, somehow, much improved, thank you.
• And... Oh, you get the idea.

He is also a sought after humorous and controversial international speaker whose signature talk is titled ‘Is Everything You Know About Ghosts Dead Wrong?’ David is featured in the book ‘Rising to the Top’ with other luminaries including Jim Rohn and Les Brown.

Now David brings his unique skills, talent, and perspective to Empower Radio with “The Farkas Files”, available here on-demand.