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Leah Shapiro on The Farkas Files

Leah Shapiro is a coach who works with rebelicous, rule breaking, free-spirited entrepreneurs who buck the system and are ready to make some serious money! Now, just from that one sentence you know this is going to be an interesting and fun interview, right?

Leah shows you how to attract more freedom, fun and cash by boldly flying your freak flag in your business. When she is not focused on working with clients, and writing for her blog you can find her making pottery, playing with her two cats or whipping up something delicious in the kitchen.

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I’m Leah. In 2001 I was working at a high-end restaurant. I worked hard and I played hard. I was making CRAZY money and all my ducks were in a row. But my soul was in a serious jam. I didn’t really like what I was doing, even though I was great at it. And the people I was spending most of my time with — my work colleagues — weren’t too inspiring either. They didn’t get me, and it was exhausting trying to fit in.

Eventually, I just stopped trying. The worst part was that I felt trapped in this situation . I had bills to pay, I needed the money, and everyone told me that I would be crazy to leave such a high paying job. So, I sucked it up and began to believe that this was just the way it had to be . I was frustrated and uninspired. As a result I was pretty bitchy most of the time. I found myself desperate for more fun and meaning in my life.Leah Shapiro

I spent a lot of time looking for something to make me feel better. I went out for drinks most nights and partied a lot. When I was home alone, I always had the TV or the computer on, sometimes both at the same time. I was trying to tune out that part of me that was crying out for something different. Deep down inside I knew that my life could be different, that this couldn’t be ‘it’, but I was not sure exactly what ‘it’ was that I was looking for.

Strangely enough, I would catch a glimpse of it every now and then. I would come across a stranger who seemed “shiny” to me and they would have a special sparkle in their eyes. I could tell that their life did not suck. All I knew was that I wanted some of what they had. I had to break free of the miserable, meaningless life I was living. I wanted to like my job. I wanted to enjoy my life and be inspired by it. I wanted to stop hiding who I really was. I felt like there was so much more in me, but I had NO IDEA how to access that.

Then, I got to the point where it was no longer ‘OK’ to remain at a job that I hated and to be so unsatisfied by my life. Something clicked inside me and I walked out of my pre-packaged life and embarked on the journey of re-discovering who I had become and who I wanted to be. I made the commitment to settle for nothing less than living a Kick-Ass Life. I set out to create my life so that I had  the freedom and flexibility to be my ‘freaky’ self while making money doing meaningful work that I loved. 

Fast forward to today. I’m a coach who loves her work, helping non-conforming souls, like you, identify the pre-packaged beliefs that stand in the way of your living your Kick-Ass Dream Life right now. Simply put: I am the champion for you & your non-conforming soul. I help you break free from your pre-packaged life to create the kick-ass life of your dreams.


About David Franklin Farkas:

David Franklin Farkas, M.S.Ed, is a consultant, intuitive and spiritual healer specializing in remote healing of buildings, places, people and businesses for individuals and organizations.

Think of this work as removing the unseen blocks and obstacles that keep you from moving forward personally or in business

Who cares? His clients who...
• Who owned buildings that would not sell, before he cleared them.
• Who are realtors that now have another strategy besides lowering price.

And his clients whose...
• Businesses are now growing more rapidly.
• Neighbor, tenant, human resources or other issues are now much improved.
• Kids can now sleep well because the 'monsters' are gone.
• Mental or physical complaints are now, somehow, much improved, thank you.
• And... Oh, you get the idea.

He is also a sought after humorous and controversial international speaker whose signature talk is titled ‘Is Everything You Know About Ghosts Dead Wrong?’ David is featured in the book ‘Rising to the Top’ with other luminaries including Jim Rohn and Les Brown.

Now David brings his unique skills, talent, and perspective to Empower Radio with “The Farkas Files”, available here on-demand.