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Shaman, Teacher, and Artist St. Suzan Baltozer

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St. Suzan Baltozer on The Farkas Files

St. Suzan Baltozer has been practicing shamanism & energy healing to help people heal, grow & reach their highest potential for over 30 years. After years of service & training she was formally initiated into the tradition of the Ecuadorian Yachaks (shamans) of the High Andes of Ecuador, a dream she has held since childhood.

After an unusual childhood with lots of spiritual activity, Suzan has been trained extensively in African Spiritual Technologies with Malidoma Some’, studied with & was a dog-soldier (assistant) for Shamans & Wisdom Keepers from North, South & Central America, Greenland, Siberia, Ireland, Africa, Tibet, & India hosted at Omega Institute.

She has completed a comprehensive shapeshifting training with John Perkins, studied energy healing with teachers from the Barbara Brennan tradition, and is certificate to teach Contemplative & Dance/Authentic Movement. She is also a student of Matrix Energetics. In other words, she has paid her dues… many times over.  We'll get to know her even better on this edition of The Farkas Files.


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St. Suzan works with her Spirit Sister, Dolores Mannix of Earth Summit LLC. to bring people to Ecuador & other spiritual destinations to learn the ways of the Shaman, work directly with wise elders & experience NSuzan Baltozerature in her most pristine form.

In 2006, St. Suzan’s continuing creative art & theatre work with young people with disabilities in Access to Theatre & Partners for Youth With Disabilities was awarded the prestigious, national Coming Up Taller Award for outstanding achievement in working with young people. St. Su works every summer with her dear friend Donna Folan of Until tomorrow Productions to continue to bring accessible theatre to young folk of all abilities.

St. Suzan’s artwork, ritual, performances & teaching have been helping people to heal their hearts, grow as creative people & to wake up to the beauty of the world we live in. She is a 35+ year veteran of the Boston “Art Scene” and her work has been shown in galleries, universities, nightclubs, back-yards, churches, cemeteries and even under the occasional bridge! 

As assistant director, oral historian and artist of Touchable Stories, St. Su created interactive installations:a rare room-to-room Camera Obscura, a dinner party where the plates talked and a human animated tree dancing with golden dragonflies. In the Combat Zone Reclamation Project, St. Suzan’s shrines to “Extra-Ordinary-Sainted-Women” were installed in Boston’s red light district. It was when the Network News came to interview her, calling her “St. Su,” that she  became a “Saint” and received her entitled “15 minutes of fame.” She continues to create work which up-lifts & heals and is presently working on a deck of Shamanic Wisdom Cards.

Today, St. Suzan continues her creative process as the Master Artist of her life. She takes great pleasure in helping others to find their own healing-creative-masterful juices and to use that magic in their own lives and the lives of everyone they touch.


About David Franklin Farkas:

David Franklin Farkas, M.S.Ed, is a consultant, intuitive and spiritual healer specializing in remote healing of buildings, places, people and businesses for individuals and organizations.

Think of this work as removing the unseen blocks and obstacles that keep you from moving forward personally or in business

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• Who owned buildings that would not sell, before he cleared them.
• Who are realtors that now have another strategy besides lowering price.

And his clients whose...
• Businesses are now growing more rapidly.
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• Kids can now sleep well because the 'monsters' are gone.
• Mental or physical complaints are now, somehow, much improved, thank you.
• And... Oh, you get the idea.

He is also a sought after humorous and controversial international speaker whose signature talk is titled ‘Is Everything You Know About Ghosts Dead Wrong?’ David is featured in the book ‘Rising to the Top’ with other luminaries including Jim Rohn and Les Brown.

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