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Jennifer Judd "Inner Peace, Outer Balance"

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Jennifer Judd on The Farkas Files

Jennifer Judd is a professional vocalist and private music instructor who recently experienced a spiritual awakening.  She created her practice called Inner Peace, Outer Balance in 2010 while along her own journey to healing and now offers spiritual healing and guidance to others. In her practice, she offers intuitive and channeled life guidance, medicinal aromatherapy, crystal and sacred geometry therapies, Yuen Method™ Energetics, aura reading, mediumship and techniques of neutral thinking to quiet the mind.


Most recently, she has been channeling high-dimensional beings of Light to realign people to their true selves and allow for self-healing to occur. With this new gift, her desire is to share it with people for free or donation as a group experience so that positive change might come into the world. Since she has a great love for music, she often supports her work with sound, whether from singing bowls, meditative CDs or her own voice.  We'll learn more about her fascinating work on this edition of The Farkas Files.


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"My name is Jennifer Judd and I am a singer and private voice teacher who recently had a spiritual awakening. I have been on a spiritual path for about 5 years now, but the path that most obviously opened me up to my intuition was distance energy work.This began in 2010 and I found so much benefit from this work that I became a Yuen Method™ Energetics Master Practitioner. I have taken classes in meditation, medicinal aromatherapy, channeling, past like regression, qi gong and Holotropic Breathwork. I created Inner Peace, Outer Balance in June of 2010 to offer and develop my own style of energy work.

I am also an ordained minister of my teachings and practice by the Universal Life Church. In my practice, I offer intuitive and channeled life guidance, medicinal aromatherapy, crystal and sacred geJennifer Juddometry therapies, Yuen Method™ Energetics, channeled angel blessings, aura reading, mediumship and techniques of neutral thinking to quiet the mind. The channeled angel blessings are the newest and most powerful offering I have because I let me ego step aside and allow Spirit to give the healing energy that is most appropriate. 

I also support water as a strong energy, and offer samples and education about energized drinking water. Energized water is essential for cellular health and communication since our bodies are most made of water. It is a great tool to naturally raise the energetic vibration of your body. 

I love to enrich lives through music and I always incorporate music as part of my in-person energy work. I use CDs, singing bowls and my voice whenever I am drawn to. I hold a B.A. in Vocal Performance and have been teaching private voice and piano lessons for almost 15 years. I have performed classical and non-classical music as a soloist and with several area choruses or bands."


About David Franklin Farkas:

David Franklin Farkas, M.S.Ed, is a consultant, intuitive and spiritual healer specializing in remote healing of buildings, places, people and businesses for individuals and organizations.

Think of this work as removing the unseen blocks and obstacles that keep you from moving forward personally or in business

Who cares? His clients who...
• Who owned buildings that would not sell, before he cleared them.
• Who are realtors that now have another strategy besides lowering price.

And his clients whose...
• Businesses are now growing more rapidly.
• Neighbor, tenant, human resources or other issues are now much improved.
• Kids can now sleep well because the 'monsters' are gone.
• Mental or physical complaints are now, somehow, much improved, thank you.
• And... Oh, you get the idea.

He is also a sought after humorous and controversial international speaker whose signature talk is titled ‘Is Everything You Know About Ghosts Dead Wrong?’ David is featured in the book ‘Rising to the Top’ with other luminaries including Jim Rohn and Les Brown.

Now David brings his unique skills, talent, and perspective to Empower Radio with “The Farkas Files”, available here on-demand.