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Living A New Paradigm: Big Changes, Soon!

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Living A New Paradigm: Big Changes, Soon!

Claudia McNeely, a frequent guest, will be back with us this week to discuss a big energetic shift that will change, well... everything!  This shift is often referred to as ‘Living in the Heart' or ‘The Fourth Dimension.' But what does that really mean? Let's find out!  

I've been hearing this for a while, but when Claudia says it's going to happen in April, I pay attention and want to know more. Claudia not only tracks the various phenomena known to affect how each of us feels every day, she also has online groups that report their symptoms to her on a daily basis! I depend on her reports to figure out why I'm feeling off on a particular day. Now you can figure this out too!

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Claudia McNeely is a Clairvoyant Psychic, Master Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, Shamanic Healer and Earth Sensitive. Her sensitivities allow her to assist her clients to survive the current Ascension Symptoms and Earth Changes.  

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About David Franklin Farkas:

David Franklin Farkas, M.S.Ed, is a consultant, intuitive and spiritual healer specializing in remote healing of buildings, places, people and businesses for individuals and organizations.

Think of this work as removing the unseen blocks and obstacles that keep you from moving forward personally or in business

Who cares? His clients who...
• Who owned buildings that would not sell, before he cleared them.
• Who are realtors that now have another strategy besides lowering price.

And his clients whose...
• Businesses are now growing more rapidly.
• Neighbor, tenant, human resources or other issues are now much improved.
• Kids can now sleep well because the 'monsters' are gone.
• Mental or physical complaints are now, somehow, much improved, thank you.
• And... Oh, you get the idea.

He is also a sought after humorous and controversial international speaker whose signature talk is titled ‘Is Everything You Know About Ghosts Dead Wrong?’ David is featured in the book ‘Rising to the Top’ with other luminaries including Jim Rohn and Les Brown.

Now David brings his unique skills, talent, and perspective to Empower Radio with “The Farkas Files”, available here on-demand.