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The Hoax IS the Hoax with Reverend Mother Kristina Rake

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The Hoax IS the Hoax with Reverend Mother Kristina Rake

Reverend Mother Kristina Rake has been on the show many times. She is smart, fascinating and funny!

Now we will discuss the Shroud of Turin. Is it a hoax? Do you remember a few years ago, when the Shroud of Turin was declared a hoax and had been scientifically dated to the 10th century?

Rev. Mother recently learned that the declaration of a hoax was the actual hoax and the dating that had so unceremoniously dismissed the Shroud was faulty and has since been proven to be incorrect!

The Shroud has not only retained its claims in the face of newer technologies and studies, it has borne out even more astounding proof that it may very well be the cloth that the body of Jesus Christ was buried in.

Christina_Rake_973771501.jpgWas the misinformation intentional or an error? What are we to believe? Kristina Rake is, among many other things, a theologian and researcher who gets to the bottom of things. Let's find out what she has turned up!

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From a toddler who saw dead people and knew the future to the young kid having an NDE to the charismatic teen voted “most likely to be a cult leader,” to an exhausted 20-something in seminary, my brain the subject of neurology mapping by a Harvard Doctor, to the steps of Rome and my very angry storm off those steps…all the way to Reverend Motherhood.


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