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Crimson and Gold - and White - is the New Green with David Mizejewski

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Everybody knows spring and summer are wonderful times to enjoy your gardens and backyards, and the birds provide a spectacular show as they migrate in and make families! But the fall and winter are when they need us the most, and your backyard habitat can be both a delight and a lifesaver for local wildlife when it's snowing, blowing and freezing. My favorite Nature Dude, David Mizejewski, is joining us tonight to talk about how to attract and enjoy birds and other backyard wildlife this fall and winter and how to have your yard recognized as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Remember, Ma Feathers cares for her wing folks and fur buddies no matter the season. Now you can too!

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David Mizejewski has been fascinated by our natural world for as long as he can remember. A lifelong naturalist, he spent his youth romping in the woods, fields and wetlands, observing and learning about the surprising diversity of wildlife that inhabits these areas.

He holds a degree in Human and Natural Ecology from Emory University and is an expert on wildlife, our environment and green lifestyles. David is dedicated to using his knowledge and his infectious enthusiasm to help others understand the wonders of the natural world and how to live sustainably.

David is a media personality, author, blogger and a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation. He hosted and co-produced Backyard Habitat on Animal Planet, a television series airing from 2005-2008 that showed people how to transform their yards and gardens into thriving habitats for birds and other local wildlife. David also appeared in an Animal Planet mini-series in April of 2007 called Springwatch U.S.A. that looked at the effect seasonal change has on wildlife from salamanders and flying squirrels to great horned owls and black bears.

He blogs on Animal Oddities for Animal Planet, and contributes to Huffington Post and NWF’s blog, Wildlife Promise.

David makes monthly appearances on NBC’s Today Show and is a regular guest on The Martha Stewart Show and ABC’s Good Morning America. He has also appeared on Chelsea Lately, The Wendy Williams Show, Access Hollywood Live, BET’s The Mo’Nique Show, Planet Green’s Renovation Nation; HGTV’s Gardening by the Yard and Curb Appeal; Sundance Channel’s Big Ideas for a Small Planet; The Weather Channel; Fox’s Mike and Juliet and America’s Newsroom, NBC’s iVillage Live; and CNN’s Headline News and Larry King Live.


About Corbie Mitleid:

Corbie Mitleid has been on the mystic’s path for over 30 years -- meeting challenges, always questioning, leading the “examined life.” It’s proved to her an essential Cosmic Truth: God gives all of us what we need for a life filled with miracles and joy, and as long as our hearts are open, whole, and aligned with our Source Energy, anything is possible. (And it never hurts to bring laughter on the path with us!) If she can share that blessing with you, she feels she's doing things right.

While she’s now a full time intuitive counselor and psychic medium, her career has encompassed positions as a professional actress, television producer, radio personality, executive recruiter and “power behind the throne” for a number of high-profile CEOs.  Corbie knows what it is to live life on a roller coaster with no brakes: she’s survived divorce, abuse, poverty and life-threatening illness, always maintaining her strength, courage and humor. “We have opportunities we can go after, and challenges to get past. After dancing with breast cancer three times, I learned that first-hand. My job is to give you the tools and courage to deal with both situations. Everything else is free will, and up to you!”

Corbie travels internationally, bringing insight, hope and encouragement to clients dealing with indecision, confusion, fear, even depression.  Now she expands her work to a worldwide radio audience.  Listen, connect, and cross the bridge from where you are to where you want to be with Fire Through Spirit on Empower Radio!