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Justin Mayo and David Hudson "Red Eye"

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Justin Mayo and David Hudson on Fresh Forward

Our guests this week are from an organization called Red Eye. The name “Red Eye” will make plenty of sense after hearing about the organization's tireless efforts from creator Justin Mayo and his friend David Hudson. They are hooking up some of Hollywood’s most creative and talented minds to better the world for those who are less fortunate.

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In a culture often caught up in the flash of the Hollywood life, Red Eye, Inc. is providing a common ground for people to develop their talents and help those in need. It's a more private community of young Hollywood peers that have a tireless pursuit to use their talents and spheres of influence in a positive way.

Red Eye, Inc. offers you expression and growth through social gatherings, humanitarian relief, and the exploration of culture and the arts. It's an organization allowing you to champion your personal platforms and give back to humanitarian causes that are close to your heart. Don't have any yet? We'll help you find some!

Need solid friends who are actually doing something good in the world? We have some of the most amazing people known as "Red Eyers" who are always encouraging each other in their pursuit of passion and creativity while utilizing their platforms to help others.

During the week we can be found at fashion shows, humanitarian events, red carpet socials, art shows, private screenings, venues and other means of night life. Sunday afternoons and evenings we create more personal settings for Red Eyers to go out and do good or just build community.