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Reducing Bloat - Step 5: Stress Management

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Reducing Bloat - Step 5: Stress Management

There is a reason why my podcast is called A Gut Feeling. That churning bubbly feeling you get every time in your stomach when something feels off or you are stressed out, that is your intuition. The brain is directly connected to the gut through the vagus nerve and this nerve sends hundreds of thousands of neurotransmitters back and forth all day. When a stressful thought arises, you can best believe your gut will feel it. Today's podcast will reveal my top 3 ways to manage stress and why fear of the future is preventing you from completely healing your gut. 

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About Jaclyn Renee:

Jaclyn Renee assists her clients in healing their body using food and self-care as their medicine. Having gone through many of her own illnesses including IBS and anxiety, Jaclyn entered the world of holistic health when countless doctors and tests were not working. She helps her clients peel back the layers of their health most often starting with the gut, which she believes is the root cause of all disease. With personalized programs, meal plans, and lots of accountability she can help her clients peel back the layers of their health and get them back to feeling comfortable in their own skin. For sessions, Jaclyn meets with her clients one-on-one in the office, the grocery store for tours and education, or in their home to clean out the pantry and and understand how to read labels. Jaclyn does not believe in a one size fits all diet. She takes into consideration the health history and goals of each individual and formulates personalized plans to meet the client where they are as to not overwhelm them when making life changes.