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Reveal the Unspoken and Heal Your Trauma with Ashley Haseotes

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Reveal the Unspoken and Heal Your Trauma with Ashley Haseotes

Ashley Haseotes is a healer, meditation teacher, wife, mother, and Author of her new book soon to be released, "The Unspoken" sharing her personal story connected to trauma, and her journey of healing through the mind body connection. She shares her daily practices including the power of primordial sound meditation, and how trauma releases as we shift back to our soul

Ashley_Haseotes_364485463.jpegAshley Haseotes is an intuitive energy healer and Chopra Center certified meditation coach as well as the author of The Unspoken. Ashley wrote The Unspoken after she healed following a collapse into chronic pain from over working and ignoring built up childhood trauma. People work with Ashley when they are feeling stuck or struggling on their life path, in pain, or going through a major life shift. She is dedicated to helping children and their families heal during and after pediatric cancer through the charity she founded, One Mission. For more information on Ashley visit her website or Ashley resides in Massachusetts with her husband and three children.

IG @ashleyhaslove