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The Magic Sauce is All in Your Numbers with Numerologist Nicki Tsouflidis-Minasidis

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The Magic Sauce is All in Your Numbers with Numerologist Nicki Tsouflidis-Minasidis

Did you know that your unique numbers based on your birth information share a beautiful story about you and your purpose on earth? In this week's episode, we talk all about Numerology with expert Nicki Tsouflidis-Minasidis. You will learn more about what it is, how to understand number synchronicities, and learn about the energy of the month. You will be fascinated with how you can uncover your unique blueprint to begin living your purposeful life. 

Nicki_pic_233662785.jpgNicki Tsouflidis-Minasidis is a Master Numerologist, Mindfulness Expert and Life Coach.   She has created a thriving and growing practice helping her clients in identifying the meaning behind their numerological blueprint and connecting the patterns to their divine purpose.  She is an expert in Pythagorean Numerology and applies the teachings of Nikola Tesla Number theory of the 3, 6, and 9 being the master numbers that hold magnificent spiritual significance and ancestral knowledge.  

Nicki offers numerology charting, decoding sessions, a daily and monthly analysis,  mindfulness training workshops  and personal development programs for individuals and groups. 

A little bit about numerology. This will make things a bit more clear how valuable this ancient study is today and how people can easily apply the principles to their spiritual and mindfulness practices enhancing their abundance, relationships, career, family and life.

Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to determine a person's personality, strengths, talents, emotional reactions, tendencies  and ways to deal with others.  Nicki has created a one of a kind approach to charting numbers interweaving  holistic and intuitive skills through numerology for spiritual and personal growth and development. The set of numbers, life path and human design sub numbers are built into everyone's DNA.  Birthdates, death dates, ages and any other significant dates that hold special meaning are charted for analysis.  The numbers offer clues to how we are all masterfully designed, how it relates to one's purpose and how you were born to live a "whole" and balanced life. It also helps as a guide to how we can deal with others more effectively by analyzing our own set of personal numbers in comparison to our loved ones or any other person that we may share our lives with or perhaps are in resistance with.  

So, it is true what they say. You were "born this way" and the numbers tell the story!

If you are interested in booking a session and diving deeper into decoding and blueprinting your numbers, please email  Nicki at or call her main number 716-335-5146