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Shift your Consciousness into Heart-Centered Leadership with Alison Lessard

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Shift your Consciousness into Heart-Centered Leadership with Alison Lessard

In today's episode, Intuitive Business Coach, Alison Lessard will share how we are moving into a new business paradigm focused in heart-centered leadership. She will share how her spiritual growth has led her here, and how we each are the living, breathing embodiment of our mission. The unification of the sacred feminine and masculine energies are what create the shift out of the distortions. Tune in to be amazed at how the connection with the BREATH and the BODY are the key to this real expansion.

ali_BIO__1__242329931.pngMy name is Alison Lessard and I offer Intuitive Business Coaching and New Paradigm Leadership for Badass, Heart-Centered Rebel Soulpreneurs & Creatives.

When you have a powerful message and mission, you also need to infuse your true self into your service and be prepared to share it unapologetically.

My method is all about infusing both the Sacred Feminine and Masculine frequencies, with tools like sensual embodiment practices and grounded, potent structure for your most integrated approach to both life and business. This is super important so you're anchored in your power, expanding your consciousness AND your visibility to your soulmate clients, fully owning your bold message and actually enjoying your journey. You're here to play, laugh, be in pleasure, remain rooted in your sensuality, drop as many F-bombs as you want and experience flow state, too!

One of my favorite affirmations is, "Let it be easy." And it's way easier to experience that effortlessness when you're just being yourself and fully owning ALL of your outrageousness. Take it from me! I was an A-student in school growing up, but every teacher gave my parents the same feedback year after year..."Excellent student. Talks TOO MUCH." Well, I took my big mouth and combined it with maturity and self-awareness and turned my biggest "flaw" into my unique zone of genius. Alchemy, baby! That's what renegades do - we rock the boat to move in a better direction.

We're anchoring in a brand new paradigm as we break the old rules, make waves in the collective field and create New Earth together.

In regards to the Feminine Energetics, I was called to explore the priestess path many years ago, when I was repeatedly receiving signs and synchronicity about the Taoist and Tantric arts, Mary Magdalene and the Sisterhood of the Rose. After coming across the book, The Magdalen Manuscript, by Tom Kenyon many moons ago, along with a serendipitous meeting with an established Tantra teacher, my life began to dramatically shift as I was guided to delve deeper into these ancient mysteries of energy healing and sacred sexuality.

And that's how my idea for Return of Venus was born, a Sacred Feminine Embodiment Series- to support women in shifting away from the collective obsession of using "self care" as a way to "fix ourselves" into the deeper realization that we're whole, complete and absolutely worthy of devotion and nourishing ourselves simply because we exist. The embodiment practices are also a foundational way to rewire the nervous system to be able to give and receive more energy. This is how we expand - through the body as our vessel.

Now I blend the feminine flow and my masculine training from over a decade in the corporate world to support New Paradigm badasses to run their soul-led businesses in a way that feels a lot more playful, with more ease and energetically aligned. We became entrepreneurs to fully enjoy our self-created reality and embody our purpose, not be slaves to an old system that's outdated. We're here to break the mold and co-create NEW EARTH, baby!

I've has been featured in Ocean Drive Magazine, Coveteur, Racked, Bustle, Ignite Intimacy Podcast, Total Beauty, MindBodyGreen, and on Own Your Power Radio as an expert in women's wellness, sexuality and the spiritual growth industry.


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