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Your Relationship with Money with Penny Orloff

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Your Relationship with Money with Penny Orloff

Do you stress about your finances, if so, you are part of the 77% of people that do! Prosperity experts, Dr. Tammi and Penny Orloff share life lessons, wisdom and helpful hints to help you rewire from fear to faith and expand in your ability to attract more money!

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Penny_Orloff_865127832.jpgPenny Orloff is a professional Life Coach and Fairy Godmother. A Tarot reader for over 50 years, Penny has used the cards in her counseling practice for decades. For ten years she was the Art Therapist at a residential drug and alcohol rehab facility in Malibu. She is the author of "Art as Lifework, Life as Artwork," a creativity seminar and workbook that has been offered nation-wide since 1991; and is currently at work on her new book, "Who Would You Be If You Had Nothing to Bitch About?" Her personal development system, "Wishful Thinking," synthesizes the human proclivity for magic and symbol with practical steps to the manifestation of your highest good and greatest happiness. She is a regular contributor of stories to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books.

In her former life, Penny was a working actor and dancer in Los Angeles when a Juilliard scholarship took her to New York. She sang more than 20 Principal Soprano roles for New York City Opera, and played featured roles on Broadway under such directors as Harold Prince and Joseph Papp. Theater, concert and opera engagements took her all over the US, Europe, and the former Soviet Union. Her solo show, JEWISH THIGHS ON BROADWAY (based on her best-selling novel of the same name, available at, toured the US for a decade, including a successful run off-Broadway in 2005. She is currently touring in a 2nd solo show - SONGS AND STORIES FROM A NOT-QUITE-KOSHER LIFE. You can reach her at


About Tammi Baliszewski:

Tammi Baliszewski is an ordained minister, has a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Counseling, is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified Polarity Practitioner.  She holds Bachelors of the Arts in Psychology and has completed the Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica and a second Masters Program entitled “Consciousness, Health and healing”.  Tammi is a certified Art 4 Healing Facilitator and is Mandala Art Facilitator and Trainer.  She is currently studying and teaching with Paul Heussenstamm world renowned artist, author, healer and teacher.

Tammi is an accomplished artist and published writer.  Her first manuscript “Manifesting Love - From the Inside Out,” is now available.  “Manifesting Love” is a spiritual, psychological, self-help book, that supports readers in coming into loving relationship with themselves, so they naturally and easily attract their ideal life partner.   

As a spiritual counselor and a workshop facilitator, Tammi assists clients and participants in releasing blocks so that they might more fully claim, embrace and live up to their fullest potential.  Through gentle direction and guided meditation Tammi helps those she works with tap into profound states of inner wisdom and inspired states of creativity.  Her comprehensive teaching style and simple techniques bring about transformation on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Prior to pursuing her education in psychology, spirituality and the healing arts, Tammi worked as a licensed cosmetologist, image consultant, makeup artist, and personal trainer.  Tammi has also worked as an actress, model and spokesmodel.  She has also been featured in many commercials, television shows and films. As a cosmetologist, makeup artist, stylist, model and actress, Tammi’s focus was on beauty, fitness, nutrition, and health. Now as a hypnotherapist, Mandala Facilitator, Artist, Writer and Teacher, her focus is on beauty, healing and wholeness.  However, rather than focusing on physical beauty and health, it is consciousness and the beauty of the soul that most intrigues her - beauty from the “inside out”.

Now Tammi is adding another dimension to her work with her show "Journey to Center" on Empower Radio. 

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