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Animal Soul Contracts with Tammy Billups

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Animal Soul Contracts with Tammy Billups

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Insight on the Covid-19 pandemic from the animal's perspective and what we can learn, starts off Part 1 of Charly Kayle's two-part interview with Tammy Billups, author of "Animal Soul Contracts: Sacred Agreements For Shared Evolution". Plus, the reason you and your animals found each other, the seven types of contracts your souls made with each other, and how knowing this helps you heal together.

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tammy_billups_new_690801363.jpgTammy Billups is a certified Interface Therapist, animal bioenergy healer, and pioneer in the animal-human emotional/energetic relationship. Her groundbreaking first book, "Soul Healing With Our Animal Companions: The Hidden Keys to a Deeper Animal-Human Connection" reveals enlightening information on our shared energetic patterns and emotional wounds. She follows that up with her 2nd book, "Animal Soul Contracts: Sacred Agreements for Shared Evolution" to deepen the healing, through a Spiritual understanding of the reason we come to be in our animals' lives. Tammy has appeared on CNN’s The Daily Share, Primetime Live ABC, and Oprah, and remains active with animal rescue organizations in her suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond. 


About Charly Kayle:

A self-professed #crazycatlady and dedicated dog lover, Charly loves ALL animals and living creatures, having interacted with them her entire life. After decades of hosting top-rated morning shows across the country, Charly was pulled onto the healing path as a Reiki Master & Practitioner for both animals and people, in-person and long-distance.

Over the years, she has been a parent to cats, dogs, rabbits, cavies (guinea pigs), and ferrets, and currently spreads the love (and Reiki) to other people's birds, lizards and all furballs when they need caretaking. She lives by Ocean Beach in San Francisco with her German Shepherd, Sasha, her Chi-Terrier mix, Brooklyn (shown), and Torti cat, Shana. They oversee the operations to run Charly Kayle Reiki: Healing Energy For People & Paws