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It’s a Beautiful Dying Interview with Barbara Bartolome

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It’s a Beautiful Dying Interview with Barbara Bartolome

Jane recently had a booth at the virtual Beautiful Dying Expo and asked several of her favorite people from past shows to join her in a conversation surrounding death. Each guest has a unique perspective and story about why and how they got involved with the death and dying industry. It’s a Beautiful Dying Interview with Pam Barbara Bartolome and Jane Asher this week on The Next Room!

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Barb_Bartolome_1_191284262.jpgFounder and Group Leader of IANDS Santa Barbara, Barbara Bartolome will share the story about her 1987 near-death experience (NDE), at age 31, where she flatlined during a medical procedure at her local hospital,just prior to back surgery for a blown disc. She watched her resuscitation from a ceiling vantage point, while communicating to an incredible, loving entity who she deeply felt was God/The Creator. When she returned to her body, she shocked the neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, and medical support team with the accurate details of what she’d seen and heard them doing during her cardiac arrest and subsequent resuscitation. The physicians and hospital staff then flatly refused to acknowledge her NDE, most likely over fear of a lawsuit… due to the team’s medical error that had caused her death. At that time, very little information was available to help her discover more about experiences like hers, so she chose to not speak about her NDE again until after more than a dozen years had passed.

Barbara started assimilating her NDE and wanting to understand more about it after speaking to a nurse friend, then researching online and finding out that she wasn’t alone in experiencing an NDE, that millions of others had experienced them, all over the world and throughout past centuries. She discovered the website in 2007 and Barbara wrote up and submitted her NDE story for their archives, never guessing what a major opening that would bring to her life. About two years later, she was invited to the 2009 IANDS Conference in San Diego by NDERF Founder, Dr. Jeffrey Long. At that conference, having very little knowledge of NDEs and completely ignorant of their after-effects, a chance comment by one of the speakers set her upon a quest that would eventually provide a new, surprising NDE discovery for her and give her a much better understanding of the many amazing experiences that have occurred throughout her life!  

Barb_Bartolome_2_885949943.jpegBarbara founded the IANDS Santa Barbara group in August 2011, and their meetings and events routinely draw between 80-120 attendees each month. Barbara states that NDEs are opening up the world to the reality of non-local consciousness and she’s thrilled to be helping people learn that death is just a transition back “home” and that we all are here to be kind, love others, and to learn from and cherish all aspects of our life adventures while we’re here!  Barbara and her NDE have been featured on the NBC Today Show, in articles in U.S. News and World Report and The Sun (U.K.), and in various other podcasts, TV, radio, print articles, and documentaries.  She is featured in a film documentary by French Filmmaker Anthony Chene, which has currently garnered more than 650 thousand views.  

Barbara previously held a Department of Defense SECRET Clearance, when she worked for Hughes Aircraft in the 1980s, and both she and her husband, Victor, are now retired from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she was recognized as an Unsung Heroine, in 2000, for her volunteer work in the community.  Barbara was named Santa Barbara’s Businesswoman of the Year, in 2004, for creating, opening, and operating a wonderful paper arts store in downtown Santa Barbara. She lays claim to having the tallest family in Santa Barbara!  Victor, her 7’0” tall husband, and Barbara enjoy their five “tall and terrific” grown kids, as well as sixteen “Adopted by Love” extra kids from all over the world, many of whom lived with the Bartolome family at various times. Barbara loves finding ways to “make a difference” in her community… and far beyond it.  Besides being heavily invested in the NDE world and traveling to talk about her NDEs, she really loves volunteering, travel, gardening, photography, scrapbooking, and doing genealogy research.


About Jane Asher:

Jane Asher has always been a natural connector who has enjoyed a successful career in media and the music industry, most notably at major radio stations in San Diego and Santa Barbara. Several years ago, she stepped away from terrestrial radio when Empower Radio reached out and asked her to create a show about her passion. The Next Room podcast was born.

Demystifying death daily, she interviews professionals and practitioners from diverse backgrounds about death, dying, grief, beliefs and cultural traditions surrounding the journey we all must ultimately make. The show airs across 11 platforms and has connected her with extraordinary people throughout this community. The Next Room has recently become the official podcast of the Beautiful Dying Expo.

Jane is also passionate about being involved in mission work. She has been part of a team for over five years that has built homes in Tijuana for families in need through Lutheran Border Concerns. She has traveled to El Salvador to feed the homeless, Malaysia to help build a school on Borneo, and Armenia to work with women and children in the small village of Amre Taza. Most recently, she was on a humanitarian mission in the Dominican Republic. 

Her book, The Next Room is a story transcending space and time, of a relationship between mother and daughter that grew stronger through death. Written together, by initially enlisting interpretation through a psychic medium, The Next Room takes us on a daughter's journey through learning eternal life lessons on forgiveness, grief, grace, gratitude, and the limitless love of all, God.

Jane lives in San Diego with her husband, Tom. She is now answering her passion-filled purpose and writing daily alongside her puppy and muse, Mamba.