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The Soul Catalyst with Verna Fisher

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The Soul Catalyst with Verna Fisher

It was another magical connection when Jane met Verna Fisher at the Beautiful Dying Expo Verna feels that many people walk through their day to day life asleep. After doing social work through hospice she knows that we are never guaranteed a day on this planet. When asked about the pandemic and what she learned from it, her answer will give you pause and her thoughts on what’s next, in The Next Room is vast and deep. It’s Integrative Wisdom  and the Soul Catalyst with Verna Fisher on The Next Room!

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Verna_headshot_299666629.jpegVerna is the creator of the Soul Catalyst 4 in 1 System of Healing, whichhighlights the importance of designing a personalized healing/wellness practice that addresses the body, the mind, the spirit and the soul before one needs it, or as she says, “Before the you-know-what hits the fan”.  She considers her Soul Catalyst cards and guidebook the premiere accomplishment of her career.  

Verna_too_572534858.jpegVerna graduated Summa Cum Laude in Psychology, received her Master’s in Social Work and was a President’s Scholar.  She is a graduate of the Mike Jay Developmental Coaching Program.  Verna worked twelve years as a hospice social worker where she learned much about, not only dying well, but the importance of living fully and completely.  She is a Reiki Master who finds she is most effective when she teaches others about their unique energy field. 

Verna and her husband, Bob, have a small retreat center in Escondido, CA which they call The Center of Creative Transformation.  Verna’s passion is to help others live their lives as fully and completely as possible through the services offered by Integrative Wisdom, her coaching and consulting company.  Verna especially enjoys working with elders, coaching and encouraging them to share their wisdom with others.


About Jane Asher:

Jane Asher is a natural connector, who got her start in media through Michigan radio in 1980. She soon traveled west and has worked at legendary radio stations such as KTYD Santa Barbara, KGB, KSON and K-BEST 95 in San Diego. She also received the prestigious Marconi Award for her work on 98.1 KIFM.

Her natural curiosity led her to expand her business by including marketing and social media. When anyone asks her what she does for a living she responds; "I connect inspired people with one another, especially those with a desire to help others."

Jane has been involved in many international missions. She is part of a team for the past five years that has been building homes in Tijuana for families in need. She has also traveled to El Salvador to feed the homeless, Malaysia to help build a school on Borneo, and Armenia to work with women and children in the small village of Amre Taza. Recently she was in the Dominican Republic on humanitarian mission.

After years in broadcasting, voiceover and social media she is finally answering her true calling. Writing. Her forth-coming book(s) deal with her fascination and connection with souls that have transitioned. She is actively in research mode and writing daily. Her show on Empower~ The Next Room is part of her attraction process and research for her book.