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Carole Brody Fleet - "Happily Even After...A Widow's Journey"

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Carole Brody Fleet - "Happily Even After...A Widow's Journey"

Change from couple to single person can feel like a punch to the gut and hold many challenges.  Carole Brody Fleet knew that focusing on her own grief after the loss of her husband at age 40 would keep her in a place of sorrow.  Learn the "getting through" and beyond of grief and loss with the dynamic founder and CEO of Widows Wear Stilettos.

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Carole Brody Fleet is the multi-award winning author of the critically praised national bestseller, "Widows Wear Carole Brody FleetStilettos...", (New Horizon Press) and "Happily EVEN After: A Guide to Getting Through (and Beyond!) the Grief of Widowhood" (Viva Editions); recognized as one of the top self-improvement books of 2012 and Winner of the prestigious Books for a Better Life Award, one of the top national awards in publishing.  Carole is also the author and executive producer of the best selling CD, entitled, "Widows Wear Stilettos: What Now?".  She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Widows Wear Stilettos, Inc., where the widowed of all ages find support and encouragement; helpful tips, education and resources.  Widows Wear Stilettos is proud to welcome the widowed community in its entirety; regardless of age, gender, technical marital status, sexual orientation or the circumstances that surround the loss of a spouse.

Widely recognized as a leader and expert in grief and loss recovery, Ms. Fleet is also a weekly contributor to The Huffington Post and is a frequent guest expert on their live web show, "HuffPost Live".  Ms. Fleet makes regular guest appearances on television; frequently appears as a regular guest expert on numerous radio programs in the United States and Canada and is a featured expert in many well-known international and national magazines, newspapers and websites in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.  She addresses a wide variety of topics; including, but not limited to: caregiving, illness and loss / post-loss issues; as well as matters relating to financial preparedness, financial and legal transition after loss or divorce; raising children who have lost a parent; re-entering the world of dating and love; multi-faceted issues facing the LGBT community, fashion, beauty, diet and exercise and most importantly, making a return to a fulfilling and abundant life after the loss of a spouse; as well as after any kind of loss, tragedy, challenge or life difficulty.   

Using a fresh approach and putting a unique twist on her topics, Ms. Fleet is a popular motivational speaker to those who have been touched by the pain and challenge of loss; as well as to those in the industries who serve both the bereaved and those who may be facing bereavement.  With her inimitable message of "What Now and What Next", Ms. Fleet educates, inspires and offers practical, emotional and even humorous guidance to the millions who have experienced loss, tragedy or a challenge in their lives.  Ms. Fleet also speaks to general audiences of all ages; addressing such issues as goal-setting and achievement; overcoming obstacles; time management; stress management; work and life balance; giving back / effecting community and societal change and finding the powerful voice within.   Visit Caroles' website by going to


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